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Dual Frequency RFID key fob

Dual-frequency RFID keyfobs(Combi keyfobs)/key tags refers to the dual-band keyfobs composite or high frequency and low frequency composed of two frequency keyfobs. Is the highest technical content, the most complete of function of intelligent induction card. Can meet the customers‘system of old and new balance and the diversity of the system. Part at the same time can also meet the special needs of customers in different using environment of one card is multi-purpose function. For applications, where need an RFID keyfobs to support multiple RFID or contactless card technologies, DO RFID Tag manufacturer s RFID dual frequency keyfob/keychains are the ideal solution. We provide three major selections of dual frequency keyfobs: LF + HF, LF + UHF, or HF + UHF. From any of above RFID combinations, our RFID customer will have the widest range of RFID chip selections. and many shapes selections, D.O RFID Tag manufacturer produce RFID dual frequency keyfobs/keytags

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