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RFID passive tags with led indicator

DO RFID tag manufacturer produce the RFID tag with LED light. The battery-free LED RFID tag family including LF, HF, NFC, and UHF RFID LED tag and card. They are perfect for visual aid in identification processes. The battery-free LED RFID tag provides a unique ID number that allows the reader to flash the LED. It works for applications such as picking processes in the warehouse and retail stores. RFID tag fixed to the case holding those items will flash its LED. The LED does not stay on but rather lights up when an interrogator reads the tag. The user now has a visual indicator for a good pick, fast and without errors. Be it in retail – picking a right size of shoe model and size – or at an industrial level – selecting the right products to ship or enter into a process – UHF RFID LED tags can greatly help reduce picking process time and automate the supply chain.

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