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RFID badge

RFID badges usually use for door access, time clocks, point of sale, and computer sign-on.  RFID technology is RFID card communication via radio waves to exchange data between an RFID reader. RFID badges for the purpose of identification and tracking.

Various RFID frequency bands are utilized in RFID badges today

125 kHz (LF) - Common proximity card format used for employee badges and door and gate access control.

13.56 MHz (HF) - Higher security format used for credit cards and employee badges for physical and logical access control.

860-960 MHz (UHF) -  UHF cards have a read range of up to 50 feet used for identification, access control, and transaction processes.

RFID badges in various forms, like RFID Tags, RFID cards, or RFID keyfobs provide secure access to employees or residents. Vehicles with RFID Tags on windshields or simply in a driver's possession also allow secure authorization and entry to private gated communities, apartments, or private parking lots.

This proximity RFID ID badge card is made of sturdy PVC and works seamlessly with standard UHF Gen 2 systems. Yes, we can custom the ID badge with two or three RFID chips, so our RFID ID badge able use for different systems.   It can be used to identify employees, contractors, vendors, and others in government buildings, military bases, hospitals, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies in fact all businesses and institutions that work with sensitive information or significant sums of money. Proximity cards may also be a suitable choice when selecting ID cards for students and school employees.

Custom RFID badges

The RFID ID badge can be custom printed at DO RFID group. Our RFID badges work with a variety of ID badges printer systems and ID software packages. We can also pre-encode and pre-print your ID cards and ship them to your offices.

RFID badges- RFID ID badges cards

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The ID card made of PVC or paper with personal photos and other information. user wear it by a badge holder and lanyard.

RFID badges- RFID keyfobs

Classic 13.56Mhz HF RFID keychain for loyalty managment (2)(1).jpg

The RFID keyfobs made of ABS or leather material. It is very smaller than the ID badge card and easy to carry. Even it is the smallest, we also can custom it with 2 various RFID chips inside, then you can use it for different systems.

RFID badges- RFID wristband

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Some clubs, events usually use RFID wristbands as RFID badges. All user information able store in RFID chip of wristband and easy to carry.

RFID badges- RFID windshield tag

RFID Windshield  Tag.jpg

the person needs RFID badges, the cards also need. Now many parking uses the RFID system to tracking and manages the car come in and out.  Use long-range RFID reader to read the RFID tag on the card windshield automatically and no need works.

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