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D.O RFID TAG company is a RFID card manufacturers & factory, professional RFID card manufacturers , NFC tags suppliers and RFID Wristband company in shenzhen china for 15 years — Source Quality Products and Enjoy Efficient Service.

Custom RFID tags

DO RFID TAG manufacturer has a wide range of top Customizable RFID tags. We can custom RFID tags and RFID labels to meet your unique application and deployment needs. Customizable RFID tags are tough and durable, designed to survive abrasions, UV exposure, severe temperatures, and chemical exposure. These tags can be customized to incorporate text, custom colors, serialized/unserialized numbers, and bar codes and can be applied to a variety of surfaces. Furthermore, most Customizable RFID tags can be customized to include your company's logo and branding.

RFID tags that can be customized come in a variety of sizes, designs, frequencies, integrated circuits, and form factors. Customizable RFID tags are suited for a range of situations and applications, including but not limited to inventory management, supply chain management, item-level tracking, theft prevention, asset tracking, and library management, and offer exceptional and reliable performance.

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