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134.2khz RFID reader

DO RFID Group produced the 134.2khz RFID reader that provides a low-cost contactless solution for  animal or cattle identification and management

The low frequency 134.2khz RFID reader able to read animal ID in the RFID animal tag.

It is compliant with ISO11784/11785 FDX-B standard and is able to read tags from a distance of up to 120 mm. Its one-button operation function makes it easy to use and enables any professional veterinarian and non-professional alike to use it to read the electronic data on any pet equipped with an electronic RFID chip. In addition, it is shipped with a FSTN screen that allows for a clear view of data.

We produced various Low frequency (LF) 134.2kHz RFID readers interrogate RFID animal tags at close proximity, with a read range of up to 10cm (some special RFID animal readers may read RFID animal tags from an extended distance of up to 1m). the LF 134 kHz frequency’s lower sensitivity to radio wave interference, so it is very suitable for animal or cattle management.

The low-frequency 134.2 kHz RFID readers support FDEX-B and HDX technologies. 134.2khz RFID readers support ID64, ISO 11784/11785 industry standards. They have IP67, IP66 rating which gives high reliable three-proof structure making it invulnerable against drops and other forms of damages. Some of the RFID readers compatibility and IP64, IP54 protection rating that makes it ideal for harsh environments. These readers also have IP67 protected housing that allows for accidental drops onto concrete and guarantees them to work in all kinds of harsh environments, making them the most robust and durable 134 kHz RFID readers on the market.

The animal RFID reader for animals featuring high performance and a user-friendly sleek design. it is well suited for stock breeding, animal control, or foodstuff tracking systems.

DO RFID group has a wide range 134.2 khz rfid reader that also includes 134.2 kHz RFID LF Bluetooth animal tag reader; 134.2 kHz Portable RFID microchip scanner which offers high power mode for a longer read range and a low power function for longer operating hours; and 134.2 kHz  Long Range Fixed RFID Reader and atenna specifically designed for continuous operation in harsh and noisy environments such as slaughterhouses, scales or sorting gates.

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