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high temperature RFID tag

What is the reason for the high temperature RFID tag

The real problem is the heat. In order to gain a thorough understanding of the threats that high temperatures pose, let's begin by examining the various components that make up an RFID tag, how it functions, and how it is constructed.

Parts of an high temperature rfid tag

For high-temperature applications, passive RFID tags are more common. Passive tags typically have three basic elements:

Antenna - typically made of a  metal coil, aluminum antenna, or printed metallic ink, antennas receive and transmit radio signals.

The integrated circuit (or chip) is commonly referred to as an IC (a tiny microchip made from silicon, which serves data as the "brain" of the RFID tag), and is around the size of a pinhead.

House - different material, usually plastic, that holds the chip and antenna inside. In the case of most high-temperature tags, the house is thermoplastic, ceramic, or other heat-resistant materials that shield the working components of the tag from high temperatures and harsh industrial environments.

How Passive high temperature RFID tag Work?

In short, when an RFID reader emits RF waves through an antenna, the energy of the radio waves is conducted to the tag's chip by the internal antenna of a tag within range of the reader. The radio waves activate the chip, which modulates the energy with the data from the tag and sends a modulated signal back to the reader and/or antenna.

Operating Temperature - the temperature range in which an RFID tag can function correctly for the duration of its life.

Maximum Exposure Temperature - the highest temperature to which an RFID tag can be exposed without damaging its structure or performance.

When a high-temperature RFID tag is subjected to extreme heat, it's critical to make sure the tag isn't read until its own temperature falls within the functioning temperature range. This is due to the fact that the material that connects the chip to the antenna may not be in a solid physical condition, making it unable to conduct RF energy as intended. Attempting to read the tag at a high temperature risked compromising the data on the chip. The encapsulation of a high-temperature tag is designed to maintain the tag's internal structure and dissipate heat after it has been exposed to high temperatures, which aids in the tag's return to operational temperature.UHF RFID tags are resistant to high temperatures, metals, and liquids.

The high temperature RFID tag is suited for use in tough conditions and scenarios, such as sterilization of medical devices and tools at high temperatures. The high temperature UHF tags made by DO RFID tag manufacturer can endure continuous exposure to temperatures as high as 250°C while retaining a long read distance.

The ecologically friendly high temperature UHF EPC RFID tags are made to work even when submerged in liquids and exposed to extreme temperatures.

For High Temperature and Conventional Operating Environments, Robust and Reliable RFID UHF Tags for Tracking Metal Parts and Parts Containing Liquids or Direct Immersion in Liquid

DO RFID TAG manufactures high-temperature RFID tags with direct soldered inlays and chips based on the UHF ISO 18000-6C EPC Generation 2 protocol for direct attachment to metal parts and liquid containers. Different form-factors with tiny thicknesses are available as shown below. We also offer the first EPC Generation 2 UHF RFID tags for direct attachment to metal parts for tracking and inventory applications in the industry. These high temperature applicable RFID metal compatible tags are made with a patented molecularly flexible high temperature substrate and robust strap and components with wire-bonded chip and soldered interconnections to the RFID antennae, making them ideal for manufacturing and extreme operational environments.

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