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CIPURSE card: Advancing Multi-Application Security

DO RFID TAG Manufacturer has actively engaged in global projects involving the CIPURSE chip. Leveraging their extensive experience in public transportation, cashless payment solutions, security access, and identification, they offer a high-security, easily implementable, and cost-effective solution. Notably, they collaborated with Siemens two decades ago and have since produced a substantial volume of RFID cards, RFID tags, and RFID wristbands through a close partnership with Infineon in the worldwide market.

With the growing demand for multi-application cards featuring contactless capabilities, interoperability challenges have become more evident and costly. International standards like the CIPURSE™ card serve as the ideal means to guarantee interoperability across various secure, cost-effective, and flexible multi-application scenarios, particularly in support of fare collection.

Today, the demand is for seamless, multi-mode services that allow access to various offerings through a single form factor, whether it's for car sharing, bicycle rental, closed-loop payments, event management, or more. This trend, known as Bring Your Own Tickets (BYOT), encompasses options like mobile phones, bank cards, smart wearables, or ID badges.

Seoul's public transportation system experiences a smooth flow of 50 million daily transactions, benefiting from the CIPURSE card, especially in sectors with high growth rates like business, education, and entertainment, where access and services are integrated.

In comparison to the MIFARE Classic card, the CIPURSE™ card boasts higher security, reaching EAL 5+ levels, close to the standards of a formatted CPU card. CIPURSE™ is a trademark of the OSPT (Open Standard for Public Transport) Alliance, ensuring interoperability and straightforward integration of CIPURSE™ certified products.

DO RFID TAG Manufacturer offers comprehensive technical support for CIPURSE move and CIPURSE 4move. Compared to DESFIRE chip application development, CIPURSE chip development demands fewer tools, as CIPURSE provides both the software and hardware development kit. Currently, two types of CIPURSE products are in use for RFID metro ticket cards: RFID cards and RFID wristbands.

Key Features of CIPURSE move and CIPURSE 4move include:

  • Compliance with CIPURSE™S Profile Specification Revision 2.0

  • Configurability for up to 8 applications (ADF) and 4 PxSE ADF

  • User memory options of 1 kByte, 2 kByte, or 4 kByte for application data storage

  • Optional support for 1 kByte or 4 kByte NRG (ISO/IEC 14443-3 type A with CRYPTO1) emulation

  • Configurability as NFC Forum Type 4 Tag

  • Contactless interface based on ISO/IEC 14443 Type A

  • CC EAL 5+ security level

  • CIPURSE™ certified

Applications for CIPURSE move and CIPURSE 4move encompass weekly or seasonal cards for Automatic Fare Collection (AFC), event ticketing, access control, and micropayments.

CIPURSE™ T is a pre-designed product tailored to support the CIPURSE standard. Infineon is the world's first supplier to offer complete CIPURSE ™ certified products, catering to secure contactless cards for public transport ticketing, micropayments, authentication, and access management. These certified products prioritize secure key storage based on the hardware AES-128 standard, supporting three-channel mutual authentication and secure communication. They are also safeguarded against attacks like differential power analysis (DPA) and have been recognized for their effectiveness, earning the German IT Security Award in 2012. Furthermore, they are well-suited for running NFC applications on an infrastructure compliant with NFC Forum Type 4 technical specifications.

As transportation agencies worldwide strive to enhance efficiency and performance, the need for contactless multifunctional cards is on the rise, highlighting the importance of addressing interoperability challenges. The international open standard represented by CIPURSE ™ serves as the foundation for ensuring security, cost-effectiveness, and charging flexibility while promoting interoperability among multi-application solutions.

Key Features of CIPURSE™T include:

  • ISO/IEC 14443 compliant interface

  • CIPURSE™T compliance

  • Configurability as NFC Forum™ Type 4 Tag A

  • Applications encompass transport products (concessionary travel, multiple stored travel rights), employee cards (staff access, building entry, vending, photocopying), and general public services (libraries, leisure, e-money, cashless catering, etc.).

In addition to CIPURSE™ move, CIPURSE™ 4move, and CIPURSE™T products, HUAYUAN also offers CIPURSE™ L, CIPURSE™ S 2K, and CIPURSE™ S 4K RFID cards and RFID bracelets.

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