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RFID Nail Tag with EM4100 for Trees Management

RFID Standard
ISO 11784 and 11785
RFID Frequency

The RFID Nail Tag with EM4100 is a specialized solution designed specifically for efficient tree management. Whether you’re tracking trees in a forest, monitoring wooden logs, or ensuring accurate data collection for forestry purposes, this compact and durable tag delivers outstanding performance.

Key Features:

  1. EM4100 Chip: The embedded EM4100 chip operates at a frequency of 125 kHz. It provides reliable identification and data storage capabilities for tree tracking.

  2. Tree Identification and Age Tracking: The RFID nail tag allows you to determine the age of trees in the forest. By attaching these tags to trees, you can collect valuable information about growth rates, health, and maintenance needs.

  3. Weather-Resistant Design: The tag’s housing is made of durable ABS material, ensuring its resilience against outdoor elements. Whether it’s a sunny day or rainy weather, the RFID nail tag remains functional.

  4. Easy Installation: Simply drill a hole slightly smaller than the tag’s dimensions (approximately 7.5mm x 34mm) and insert the tag using a rubber hammer.

  5. Applications:

    • Forestry Management: Efficiently track and manage trees in natural habitats.

    • Wooden Product Traceability: Monitor the lifecycle of wooden materials.

    • Guard Tour Systems: Use the RFID nail tags for security patrols and monitoring.

Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency: 125 kHz

  • Chip: EM4100

  • Size: 8mm x 36mm

  • Material: ABS

  • Read Range: Approximately 60-70 cm (for UHF chip variants)

Choose the RFID Nail Tag with EM4100 for accurate and reliable tree management. For more information, visit our website: RFID Nail Tag with EM4100

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