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Custom transfer stickers


What are Transfer Stickers?

Transfer stickers can transfer patterns or words to the surface of objects when pasting.  Custom transfer stickers can be used for any purpose, but they have stricter paste location criteria. A level and smooth surface is normally required for the pasted object. The transferrable stickers are composed of vinyl material with a three-year minimum service life. Images and/or text are cut into shape with a sticky back on transfer stickers. You can get personalized stickers with a professional appearance. However, if you're labeling craft room bins or food jars, these DIY transfers work well and are economical.

Transfer stickers can be used to change the look of your products and personal items. No matter how intricate the design, our custom transfer stickers are simple to apply. Our transfer stickers will hold up in terms of vibrancy and value, whether you're wanting to liven up an indoor space or spruce up an outdoor arena.

Transfer Sticker Composition

Paper backing, vinyl sticker, and transfer tape are the three pieces that make up the transfer stickers. The transfer tape allows you to place your stickers anywhere you want them without worrying about the background or boundaries.

Why you have to custom transfer stickers? 

Logos and packaging that leave an indelible mark

Use outdoor transfer stickers on windows to increase foot traffic.

Add logos on plateware and glasses to increase brand awareness.

Fandom and likes can be shown on your car, laptop, and other personal items.

Transfer stickers can be used to add nail bed decorations to your manicures.

Transfer Stickers Can Help You Make Money

Thermal transfer decals are a high-end form of sticker due to its neatly cut appearance and the removal of extra vinyl by hand. Unlike a conventional sticker or decal, they offer a superior finishing touch to an OEM product.

For instance, suppose you offer an exclusive member program that includes a yearly transfer sticker that is only available to your paying members.

Make your brand logo out of a variety of colors with the many color vinyl options available. These limited-edition decals will persuade your most loyal consumers to purchase them.

Anyone looking for a more defined lettering style would love Transfer Stickers. They're printed on high-quality transfer paper that's not only beautiful but also simple to peel and apply. These stickers appear best on car windows, store windows, or other glass surfaces, in our opinion. Nonetheless, they look great on any surface, including laptops, phones, and any other amazing item you choose to stick them on!

Individually cut Custom Transfer Stickers can be applied to various windows, such as those in your automobile, home, or place of business. Unlike a Die Cut sticker, the lettering is defined when peeled, making them ideal for text-based stickers.

Transfer stickers are normally made of white vinyl, but we can make them in any color!

Our Transfer stickers include a detachable adhesive on the front that makes it easy to adhere the sticker and allows it to be removed without leaving any sticky residue behind. Shrinking occurs with lower-quality materials, leaving a sticky or unclean edge; however, because we utilize high-quality vinyl, there is no shrinkage to the sticker.

How to Use the Transfer Stickers?


Remove the paper backing from the transfer stickers (the bottom layer).



Take the transfer tape and apply it to the objects' surfaces.



Press down on the tape until the sticker is entirely transferred to the object's surface.



When you peel the transfer tape away from the sticker, it will appear on things with no extra edges.


Why  custom transfer stickers from us ?

We can make custom transfer stickers according to your design drawing, not just in black, but in any color the buyer wishes.

Our transfer sticker is waterproof, and the substance protects against extreme weather conditions such as wind and rain. The transfer sticker can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Flat and smooth surfaces can be adhered to with our transfer stickers. Glass, paper, windows, mirrors, metal, and other smooth surfaces are examples. Please keep in mind that transfer stickers are not recommended for use on rough surfaces.

What's the feature of our transfer stickers?

Presentation of the Message Is Perfect

Transfer stickers produced to order are ideal for displaying your brand or other information on a glass surface, such as a storefront window. Easily get the attention of passers-by.

It's simple to apply and remove

A transfer tape is used to transfer custom vinyl transfer stickers to their desired location. It is quite simple to use. You can feel assured that no sticky glue remains after it has been removed.

Unrivaled Quality

Vinyl transfer stickers are a high-quality promotional and entertainment tool at a low cost. Transfer stickers feature a one-of-a-kind design among all the catalogs of custom stickers.

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