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NFC Smart Posters

NFC Smart Posters
NFC Smart Posters
NFC Smart Posters
NFC Smart Posters
NFC Smart Posters

NFC Smart Posters

NFC smart posters are favored over many other digital forms of communication because NFC technology is typically a native feature of the consumer’s mobile device. Since it’s a native feature, no special applications are needed to initiate the communication between NFC tags and devices; they simply require close proximity. On the other hand, QR codes require special applications to initiate any interactions.

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NFC smart poster ability to easily transfer data is appealing to retailers, advertising agencies, transportation authorities, health care providers, and many other industries, especially those that interact with consumers. The seamless interaction offers new ways to distribute information, and its applications are only limited by the creativity of the provider.

Using NFC-enabled “NFC smart posters” helps build customer awareness, emotional engagement with the product and a stronger call to action. And of course, more conversions and better return-on-investment (ROI).Busineses have long used poster to advertise their products. Now you can use the NFC smart poster, potential customers simply tapping the poster with an NFC-enabled device to share it on socail media or request more information.

The NFC smart poster can record information about the customer’s interaction such as the location of the poster (considering that there could be tens or hundreds across the geographic location), what info they asked for and whether they converted after interacting. It also allows you to follow-up by sending additional information or SMS marketing materials. Depending on the poster and environment, the consumer may receive targeted information about their current location. A lost tourist would find a smart poster extremely helpful if the poster launched a map application with directions to a nearby landmark. In a retail setting, an NFC smart poster may offer coupons, information about a product, or loyalty points. The consumer’s phone acts as the loyalty card and stores the information. The convenience of not having to keep track of multiple loyalty cards or worry about activating accounts is beneficial for the consumer.

The NFC smart poster is less costly than you traditional poster. It’s affordable even for small businesses. Because you can buy the NFC stickers and placed it on your traditional poster, then it becomes a NFC smart poster. 

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Company profile:

D.O RFID Tag Manufacturer are 100% committed to supplying the best quality NFC goods at the best possible price.  We are skilled in NFC and use the products we sell for our client projects so we know they work well before we sell them.  We provide after sales support so any issue or question will always be responded to very quickly. 

We are very proud of our positive feedback from our thousands customers, which is only possible to achieve by providing the best possible product, service and support.

D.O RFID Tag Manufacturer were at the forefront of RFID fields In 2003,We are professional in RFID products for more than 14 years with top quality.Our products line covered plastic card, Smart cards, Contactless RFID products, NFC products with growing of technology and applications in this area. Now we have more than 3000 satisfaction customer in the worldwide. Contact us now !  You should be next success one .

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