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NFC magic universal smart ring for all android

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, which means that this little NFC Smart Ring can transfer data wirelessly over short distances. You can unlock your NFC enabled phone without even touching the screen, or even unlock your car, and it’s as simple as just having your hand in the right place.

The magic of the NFC Smart Ring is two integrated NFC ‘tags’, each with a tiny transmitter – one for public information, and one for private data. As well as being a master of the keys, you can also use the NFC ring to share snippets of information like Wi-Fi passwords, links to websites, photos, and contact details with your friends’ devices.

So you customise how the NFC Ring works, it comes with a bundled NFC phone application, but the ring is open source, so you can choose to customise your own application to control it. You also can develope your own App. 

NFC ring application.jpgNFC application.jpg

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NFC Smart Ring tag transfer information and link people
NFC Smart Ring tag transfer information and link people

The NFC Smart Ring can be used to unlock doors, mobile phones, transfer information and link people.

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NFC Smart  Ring share  public information with friends
NFC Smart Ring share public information with friends

The NFC Smart Ring is a high quality steel or titanium ring that has near-field communication (NFC) functionality built into the design. Offering two separate inlays within the ring, the top inlay allows users to share public information wi...

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NFC Smart Ring for android
NFC Smart Ring for android

The NFC Smart Ring is a smart, new and secure way to unlock phones, doors and your mobile life.

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