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125khz RFID reader writer T5577 card EM4305 card

RFID Frequency

RFID readers, writers & transceivers There are three main types of unit that are used to communicate with the RFID tags. Readers and writers are used, obviously for transmitting data to and from the tags, and often there is a need for two way communication and for this a reader and writer are combined to form an RFID transceiver.

The 125khz RFID readerwriter with USB interface,it able read and write EM4305 card, T5577 card  fast.

As most 125khz RFID card tag don't couldn't write and encode, but only EM4305 and T5577 able read and writable.  If you want to copy 125khz card, please see our RFID copier

125khz RFID reader writer Connects to PC to read the RFID tags and update to the application.

Could Read and Write and copy/duplicate ID cards and re-use.

Widely used in entrance guard, consumption, hotel lock, water meter, electricity meter and gas meter and a series of IC card management application system.

125KHZ RFID  Card Reader Writer Copier Duplicator for Access Control 

When u purchase it before,pls comfirm your cards type!!! The 125KHZ RFID ID Card Reader can support Write/Copy EM4305,8800,ATAT5577, T5557, T5567,CET5200 or compatible cards/tags,Our reader writer can only be used on Desktop and laptop.It through our software to read and write blank T5557 T5567 T5577,EM4305 writable 125khz ID cards.

125KHZ RFID ID Card Reader can support Read EM 4001,EM4200 or compatible cards/tags.At the same time,it can read EM4100 TK4100 ID cards data,then copy to T5577 writable cards.Please attention it support window system only!it doesn't support any HID cards!!!

Plug and play,with USB interface desktop 125khz RFID reader/writer .

Default 8H10D format, you can select .

Note: It can't read / writer HID cards . Every product was packed with a driver CD, if you does not support the CD, contact us directly, we will send you a download link.


125 khz RFID reader writer

Work frequency


Support RFID tag


Read distance


Read speed

Less than 100ms


Built-in Buzzer and OLED Display


USB for power



Operating Temp.

-30 to 50 degrees

Storage Temperature




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