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What is NDEF

NDEF is a standardized data format that allows a smartphone to write or read data from an NFC card or tag. URLs, text documents, and electronic business cards are all stored in the NDEF format. NFC-enabled chips such as the MiFare® NTAG® or DesFire® can be used in conjunction with NDEF. It could store one or more so-called NDEF records, and everyone could work on it.


When it comes to peer-to-peer information exchange, Near Field Communication (NFC) shines. As with any other information exchange, both devices must agree on the best method of communication. Consider it from a human standpoint. It is the same for almost any type of communication, including those between NFC-enabled devices. The two devices must agree on a more standardized communication system.

What Exactly Are Ndef Messages?


NDEF messages provide a standardized method for getting a reader to speak using an NFC device. As previously revealed, the NDEF message contains a number of documents. When working with standardized and proprietary tags, you will use the NDEF format. The NFC standard recognizes five label types, all of which promote the same NDEF message format. In the tags, the header includes useful information for your reader, such as the record ID, duration, and kind.


The Purpose of the NDEF Record


The NDEF record contains a lot of information that you need. The first eight bits of information or messages contain flags that specify how to translate the rest of the record. Depending on how these flags are set, you can use various resources to determine exactly what the document needs to say for you. The simplest way to complete this task would be to use a program to do everything for you, but the rest of this section provides a useful summary.


How to Read NFC Tag Data


It describes the Android frame APIs that support these attributes and explains how to send and receive NFC information in the form of NDEF messages. Reading NDEF data from an NFC label is handled by the tag dispatch system, which examines discovered NFC tags, categorizes the data appropriately, and launches an application that is considering the classified data. An application that wants to deal with the scanned NFC label can announce a goal filter and request that the data be handled.


The Android BeamTM attribute allows one device to send an NDEF message to another device by tapping on both devices simultaneously. This interaction is much easier to use than other wireless technologies such as Bluetooth because it does not require manual device discovery or pairing. Android Beam is accessible via a set of NFC APIs, allowing any program to send data between devices. Android Beam is used by the Contacts, Browser, and YouTube apps, for example, to discuss contacts, webpages, videos, and different devices.


Ndef records are used to store data in a variety of ways.


Various NDEF records could be saved on an NFC card or label. The amount of data that can be saved depends on the processor's memory size, which can range between 48 bytes and 8 Kilobytes. It is accomplished using an NDEF message in conjunction with an NFC card.


Is It Possible To Program A Mifare Classic To NDEF Format?


Mifare Classic cards, for example, can be configured as NDEF tags and have data written to them by a single NFC device. Other NDEF compatible devices are aware of it and can access it. Mifare Classic 1K and 4K cards can be set up as NFC Forum compatible NDEF tags. However, they must be organized in a specific way to accomplish this. The following NXP App Notice clarifies the requirements for creating a "NFC Forum compliant" Mifare Classic card.


While the Program Note above is the definitive source, these notes may provide a quick overview of the key concepts involved in using Mifare Classic cards since NFC Forum harmonious'NDEF' tags. The Mifare Application Directory arrangement is used to connect the sector-based memory of a Mifare Classic card to the individual NDEF files. The MAD indicates which businesses are represented by which NDEF record. The following program note is the definitive source of information on the Mifare Application Directory.


What Exactly Is NFC Ndef Format?


NFC (Near-Field Communication) is not a new technology. There has been an increase in contactless NFC use with all of the Covid 19, as seen with the recent trend of payment apps such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. QR codes make this possible. It's come a long way.




Every NDEF record has some kind. It is occasionally referred to as Payload type, Record kind, and only kind. The type name structure categorizes the types broadly into a couple of locations and tells you how to interpret the type. Although there are eight formal kind name formats for NDEF messages, the majority of the work has been done with only three: Well-Known, MIME press, and External.


The Well-Known TNF includes a variety of useful definitions for document types such as text messages, URIs, Smart Posters, and the various carriers required for peer-reviewed handovers. The External TNF can be used for files such as the Android Program Record. As you saw in Composing Different Record Types, the payload of a Smart Poster document is an NDEF message in and of itself.


I believe that this is unnecessary for many programs and that it is preferable to practice using multiple documents in an NDEF message. With NDEF messages, there are several ways to accomplish the same goals. The method by which that message is obtained is determined by the operating procedure of the system receiving it.

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