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What is NFC ?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless communication standard similar to BLE or Wi-Fi, but works over short range typically 10cm or less. NFC is a radio frequency (RF) signal initiated by an active NFC device such as a smartphone or reader, and another active or passive device such as an NFC tag to transfer data. All NFC tags consist of an antenna coil and a small chip that is bonded to the antenna. When a mobile phone is within range of an NFC tag, its antenna becomes energized and powers the chip, which stores data. This antenna plus chip combo can be embedded inside a variety of form factors: circular/square NFC stickers, NFC business cards, NFC access control cards, NFC keychains, NFC bank cards and NFC even e-passports. Typically, the larger the antenna the longer the read range. The chip memory size ranges from 144 bytes, large enough to store a URL, to 36 kilobytes to store a person’s photo on an e-passport.


Our NFC Tags are compatible with ALL NFC devices including the Nexus 4, Galaxy S4 & S5, & Nexus 10, LG G3, Motorola Moto X and Droid Turbo, HTC One, Sony, Samsung Note 3 4 5 & 6, Galaxy S6 & S7, and ALL other NFC phones.

Anti-Metal NFC Tags have a special backing allowing them to work even on metal surfaces.

Tags are lockable by some 3rd Party Apps, but once locked can NEVER be re-written.

NTAG203 Tags have about 137 bytes of usable memory.

Topaz 512 Tags have about 450 bytes of usable memory.

NTAG213 Tags are a newer version of NTAG203.  Both tags work great, but NTAG213 might have a slight edge on response.

NTAG216 Tags are a newer high capacity tag that has about 850 bytes of usable memory.


How to use the NFC tag ?


Tap phone to the NFC tag in car to connect to bluetooth.

Tap phone to the NFC tag on notebook to send "I love you" text message.

Tap phone to the NFC tag on nightstand to set sound settings for sleeping.

Tap phone to the NFC tag by door to enable/disable WiFi.

Tap phone to the NFC tag on key chain to text "On my way home" to spouse.

Program the NFC tag tag with URL or Contact info to easily share with friends  or business contacts.

Program the NFC tag that allows people to follow your business on Twitter.

Tap the NFC tag on Bluetooth headphones to immediately enable bluetooth and pair with device.

Tap phone to the NFC tag in car to start/stop tracking mileage.


How do I program an NFC Tag?

You program tags with your phone using one of many NFC apps, most of which are FREE on Google Play. 


Will your NTAG203 NFC Tags work with my phone?

The NTAG203 Tags will work with all NFC enabled devices including the Nexus 4 & Galaxy S4.  However, they have only 137 bytes of usable memory.  This is enough for most NFC launchers that change settings or launch events on a phone and for basic URL's or simple text as they hold about 130 characters.  But for vCards they can only hold a few pieces of information.  For a complete vCard that has all information and applications needing larger amounts of memory the Topaz 512 Tags are a better choice.


What NFC Tags are fully compatible with the Nexus 4 &10, Galaxy S4, Moto X and other phones/tablets that don't have NXP hardware?


Any NFC tag that complies with the NFC Forum's protocol will be compatible with these devices and there are plenty of them!  They just tend to be more expensive for the amount of memory you get.  The most popular NFC Forum tag right now is the NTAG203.  These tags have about 137 bytes of usable memory.  Topaz 512 Tags, while costing a little more, triple the memory to about 450 bytes. While much less than the 700 bytes found on the 1K Mifare Classic tag, this is more than enough for most apps which only record a small amount of info on a tag that ties the tag to the specific app and then allows the app to store the various settings and events.  NTAG203 Tags should be fine for most tasks triggering apps and Topaz 512 Tags have plenty of memory for full electronic business card info. Newer NTAG's that are also universally compatible in various memory sizes are NTAG213, NTAG215, and NTAG216 though they are a little more expensive and not quite as readily available at the moment.  D.O RFID tag manufacturer produce many NFC tags that compatible with ALL NFC devices.

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