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36 Amazing applications for NFC tags make your life easy and fascinating

What is an NFC tag?

NFC tags are becoming more popular, and many people want to use them.

NFC, or Near Field Communication, is no longer a foreign concept to us; your smartphone, for example, may have an NFC function.

In comparison to the LF and UHF tags, the NFC tag and NFC reader are much simpler. Let's look at how cool NFC tag uses to make life smarter and give you some ideas for "what can I do with NFC tags?"

It's something intriguing that could transport you to a smart world beyond your wildest dreams. What can NFC tags be used for? There are some useful and creative ideas to help you see things in a new light.

As an NFC tag manufacturer, we provide some examples of "what can you do with NFC tags?"Let's see how amazing NFC tag applications improve people's lives.


1, NFC business cards

 nfc business card.jpg

NFC business cards are like timely rain for people with bad memories. You won't miss out on potential clients if you forget your business card, and you'll avoid the embarrassment of not having a business card when someone asks for one.

NFC business cards are both environmentally friendly and simple to use. You can share your contact information, company name, website address, and so on with a single click.

Reduce the heavy burdens and costs of printing thousands of business cards by using an NFC business card. Transfer is simple, and your customers' phones will remain in their possession indefinitely.



2, NFC custom key fob/keychain

 nfc keyfob.jpg

Perhaps you are familiar with the blue eye NFC key fob/keychain; would you like to create a one-of-a-kind and branded key fob to replace your membership card or loyalty card?

For example, there is a tennis club that customizes a tennis game, a special NFC key tag as the club's key, and a digital advertiser encoded with a URL or for app download. This is a powerful advertisement for your company.

For various NFC applications, you can select from a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. NFC keyfob, NFC keyring, or NFC key tag, for example.

The NFC keyfob is a type of special NFC tag, also known as the NFC keychain. It can be used as an access card, a payment card, and so on. You can also program it to perform a quick and convenient task you frequently perform on the go, such as quickly starting your favorite playlist or turning on the phone's navigation.


3,  Use of the NFC tag to attract fans

social media nfc tag.jpg

Many events are now converting paper wristbands into NFC wristbands. When registering, the sponsor can collect all visitors' information, such as name, contact information, age, and visit time.

Visitors can follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin after scanning the NFC bracelet with their NFC smartphone.


4, Use of NFC for Tourist Navigation

Visit a new scenic location where visitors are unfamiliar with the history/story of the location or historical site. Encoding a URL of a short video in the NFC tag,  allows visitors to understand it clearly once scanned.


5, Product manual for the use of NFC tags

Product manual for the use of NFC tags.jpg

You do not need to print the costly and bulky product catalog or manual for your customers. However, if you encode a URL for a short video in the NFC tag, and your customers scan it by NFC smartphone, then your customer will be able to understand it clearly from the video.


6. NFC tag for a gift card

Instead of a traditional gift card, you can create an NFC gift card. Say something, record a video, and store it in an NFC gift card. When your friend taps the NFC gift card, he or she will see your wishes.


7, Bluetooth speaker with NFC tag

Most NFC speakers have an embedded NFC tag, so all you have to do is place your NFC phone on the top where it says "NFC tap here" and you can completely relax and enjoy the music.


8, NFC tag uses for Share your WiFi Password Securely


I'm guessing you have the same issue of being constantly asked for your WiFi password. You can get out of this mess with a small NFC tag, and you don't have to tell them the password.

You can write the WiFi password on the NFC tag and place it in a visible location in the living room, such as on a table or next to the router, and everyone can connect to WIFI with a single touch.

Encode the wifi account and password into the NFC tag, then tap it with your NFC smartphone to quickly connect to the wifi. You can also share your wifi with others.


9, NFC use for clothing brand


I'm not joking. NFC-enabled clothing is already available. Arrow introduces smart shirts with embedded NFC tags.

Many branded clothing items have washable NFC tags sewn into them for interaction with fans or anti-fake protection for branded products.

Consumers can customize the tag information, such as the company address they want to visit today, a web page they frequently visit, turning their phone to silent during meetings, and so on. All you have to do is tap your phone against the NFC tag on the shirt.


10, Smart home application


Smart homes are popular these days, and NFC tags are an ideal smart-home solution that allows you to enjoy the convenience and enjoyment of technology while spending less money. There is no need for complicated software or an NFC reader; a smart NFC mobile phone can do it.

Write the relevant data to the NFC tag, and the NFC tag can control smart devices in your home, such as smart light bulbs, smart TVs, smart washing machines, smart refrigerators, and so on.

Turn on/off light, electronics; an increasing number of companies are producing NFC-enabled devices, such as stereos or gaming devices. Tapping the phone to the device not only turns it on, but it also syncs your music via Bluetooth, allowing for seamless playback.


11, Anti-fake and brand protection


Consumers have a difficult time distinguishing between genuine and counterfeit products. Fake and dangerous food and drink endanger the health and safety of people all over the world, who are frequently duped into purchasing potentially hazardous goods. Anti-fake NFC tags are the best solution because they provide a unique ID identification for your brand's products. Many brands are now using NFC anti-counterfeiting technology to apply NFC fragile anti-counterfeiting labels to their products.

You can read the NFC tag and learn the product name, specification, production batch, production date, sales channel, and other information if your phone has NFC capability.


12, Pet tracking

pet tracking.jpg


NFC Tag for Pets also called digital pet id tag, equipped with QR and NFC chip. It can protect your Pet in case of loss.

Store detailed information about your pets, about its vet and of course about you, so that you can be quickly contacted if need be.

What’s more, if you send your pet to the store when you leave for some days, you can check and confirm it’s the right pet you get.

13, Pet tracking and Identification


Pet tags can quickly identify pets and record their health and feeding status, making them useful for pet management in pet hospitals or pet management centers.

pet owner can write data in the NFC tag, such as pet names, medical records, contact information for the owner, and detailed information, to prevent it from becoming lost.

NFC Tag for Pets, also known as digital pet id tags, are equipped with a QR code and an NFC chip. It can protect your pet in the event of its death.

Keep detailed information about your pets, their vets, and, of course, you, so that you can be contacted quickly if necessary.

Furthermore, if you send your pet to the store when you leave for a few days, you can check and confirm that it is the correct pet.


14, Use NFC tag to download app fast


If you are going to promote your app offline, it’s better to take an NFC tag with the download URL encoded.

NFC Smartphone close to NFC tags and downloads the app quickly.


15, NFC poster for Smart media

 NFC poster for Smart media.jpg

The NFC poster, also known as the NFC interaction poster, is frequently used in movie posters and brand promotion. Tap the NFC tag on the poster to visit the website or advertisement. Estee Lauder used NFC smart posters in a branding campaign as early as 2012. In addition, Samsung used NFC interactive posters in its promotional efforts.


16, On metal NFC tags


NFC tags don't work on metal surfaces. because the metal can easily interfere with NFC tag operation. We an expert NFC supplier who can solve this problem.

We produced the on metal NFC tags for all metal items with no obstacle.


17, NFC tag for Mobile phone setting


The NFC tags can help you to set your phone immediately, just tap and go, your mobile phone will keep silence. When finished, then tap again, back to the normal model. Simple and smart your life.


18, NFC paper for E-catalogue

 NFC paper.jpg

Previously, you would print paper catalogues for your customers at the fair, but now you only print a simple E-catalogue made from NFC paper. All information is stored in the NFC chip, so simply tap the E-catalogue to check your website and find the item? Are you certain you can find it in minutes if there are hundreds of items?

What if you encoded an NFC tag with the link of items, or just the email, so that visitors can connect with your website in seconds, or send you an email very quickly, and you have an 80 percent chance of winning this customer rather than asking them to find the item on your website?

You also save a lot of money by not having to print the heavy paper catalogue.


19, NFC tag for Quick Dial


When you have a lot of contact information on your phone, it can be difficult to find some of them quickly. However, here are some things you could do with the word "shortcut." For example, to call a family member, open an app and tap the NFC tag. Especially while driving.


20, NFC ring for smart wearable

 NFC ring.jpg

NFC ring is a ring that is wearable, fashionable, and multifunctional, but also compact and powerful. It can be used as a bus card, a payment method for in-store shopping or eating, or it can be opened from a distance using the "Lifecoach Remote Access" feature.

While you can do these things with an NFC card and an NFC-capable phone or watch, doing so would be somewhat odd if you could only perform one function.

Fashionable and easy-to-use wearable gadgets can have magic functions on your mobile phone using NFC technology. This item can be used as a reminders to perform various activities, as well as to lock and unlock apps for your own usage, distribute business cards, or transfer data.

Now you can pay via the NFC ring, or open your door.


21, NFC tag uses for Digital bookmark


you encode this digital bookmark in the NFC tag and stick on somewhere, you can see the details once tap it by NFC smartphone.


20, The helper of forgetter


If you are dealing with mass items or a forgetter, NFC tags are your good assistant.

put NFC tags to mark boxes, so you can scan for the items instead of taking everything apart. Even you changed items inside these boxes, you can rewrite them with a mobile phone. What’s more, it protects the privacy of items inside.


22, NFC toys


Nowadays, toys are not boring as before, combined with NFC chip make toys smarter and interesting. Scan different tags, children can choose their beloved hero, stories or songs. They can Learn with keen interest and interactive with the learning machine.

23 NFC smart nails

NFC smart nails are an innovative combination of NFC tags and manicure art that reinvigorates our imagination of NFC tag applications.

Embed the NFC nail tag into your nail and place it on your finger, and then prepare to be amazed. You no longer have to be concerned about misplacing your bus card, access card, elevator card, payment card, and so on. NFC smart nails can assist you in completing all of your tasks.

24 Wedding Invitation

Instead of traditional wedding invitations, using an NFC bracelet or NFC wedding card as your NFC wedding invitation sounds fantastic.

In addition to wedding information, you can include video, audio, or pictures in the tag. And each guest will receive a one-of-a-kind wedding invitation. Because it is romantic and unique, you will hear the word "wow."

25 Electronic Skin -Digital Tattoos

Surprisingly, NFC tags can be used in this manner. VivaLnk's digital tattoo is actually an electronic skin with an embedded NFC tag.

The thin adhesive, which is worn around the wrist, can communicate with a smartphone in real time. Electronic authentication allows users to unlock their phones more quickly, easily, and securely.

26 Shelves -Talking Store

It would be a good marketing tool if your supermarket shelves could "talk." Kraft Foods pioneered the use of NFC tags in American supermarkets.

When shoppers come across a shelf tag, they can retrieve and share useful content such as special offers, instructional videos, or recipes.

Customers will also be invited to download Kraft's iFood Assistant app to browse more recipes, create shopping lists, and locate the closest store to their home.

27  Anti-theft Handbag

What difference would it make if the handbag had an NFC tag? On its designer handbags, Aki Choklat employs NFC tags in conjunction with APP and cloud-based authentication services.

With a single touch, you can identify their bag and learn when and where it was made. It can also generate a journey log, which you can use to track your bag if it is stolen.

28  Travel with NFC-NFC Passport

nfc passport.jpg

SAS enabled their NFC passport for VIP customers with the help of SAS. Customers can purchase a “passport” which is specially designed to be mounted to the back of their mobile phone. It lets clients to carry through priority security checks and enables them to reach the VIP terminal quickly and conveniently.

There are now NFC tags embedded in passports all across the world so that passports can become much smarter.

29  Automatically Switch Navigation Mode

To drive, how many steps does it take to convert to navigation mode? One step, one second is all I need. Why? I installed a pre-set NFC label on the dashboard, so when my phone makes contact with it, it will instantly and rapidly jump into navigation mode.

In addition to Bluetooth, this technique may also be used to connect your phone to your car's Bluetooth. This is a simple and time-saving approach.

30  Create a Hotspot

Create an NFC anti-metal tag that allows you to activate your phone's portable Wi-Fi hotspot and then place it on your laptop, which is extremely useful and convenient. When you need an internet connection to check something or work on your laptop while on the go, you can turn it on with a quick tap.

31  Get Your Game On

NFC tags and chips can be integrated into a wide range of electronic products, allowing them to quickly connect and interact with one another and allowing for greater creativity in some games and entertainment products. Nintendo and Sony have introduced NFC to the gaming world.

Amiibo, a physical toy with a built-in near field communication (NFC) chip that can connect wirelessly to the Wii U, was unveiled by Nintendo. When you enter Smash battle mode, you can add characters to the game by tapping the amiibo's NFC sensing area.

32 Wake you up

It's difficult to get out of bed. Here's an idea: make an NFC sticker and put it somewhere you can't get to, like the bathroom. When the alarm goes off, you must let your phone come into contact with it or it will continue to ring until you get up.

33 Save Battery

Smartphones, as we all know, consume a lot of electricity. So, how do you extend its life? Set an NFC tag and attach it to the head of the bed or backpack so that we can turn off power-consuming functions like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other battery-draining accessories while you sleep or ride the subway.

Motion Timing is a term used to describe the timing of a movement.

Many marathons provide each runner with an NFC wristband to record and monitor time. After recording at the checkpoint, the athlete will be able to determine the time of the segmented route as well as the overall journey. In addition, the information will be posted on the Web site and other bulletin boards.

Of course, NFC wristbands can also be used to track and monitor your daily activities.

34  Faster Open APP

You must be experiencing this issue: there are a plethora of apps on your phone, and you can't seem to find the one you're looking for. I have a great idea: make an NFC tag that opens the app you frequently use. Simply tap it, and it will open this app for you, making it faster and more convenient.

22Maintain the Meeting Quiet

During meetings, the phone is frequently heard ringing, which can easily disrupt the meeting's progress. Set an NFC tag at the conference room door or on the table, and with a touch, it can mute the phone and keep the meeting quiet and orderly.

35  Laundry Manage

RFID Laundry tag.jpg

The NFC laundry tag is resistant to high temperatures, corrosion, and ravaging. What is it capable of? It is capable of identifying and tracking large numbers of individual items more quickly and accurately. That is fantastic for the textile printing and dyeing industry, as well as the laundry and medical logistics industries.

When you touch the poster with your phone, you will see the songs and stories that Samsung has chosen for you on your phone. The combination of NFC technology and traditional posters is incredible.

36、NFC Implant Tag

NFC Implant Tag.jpg

NFC tags are a very interesting and inexpensive product, and more and more smartphones now have NFC capabilities. As a fan, you can experiment with different ways to play NFC tags. As an entrepreneur, you can consider how to integrate your products with NFC technology to make them stand out. We've listed a few creative uses above, and we hope you'll find more fun and innovative uses to share with us.

These bizarre things are very likely to become a reality in the future, and all it takes is the implantation of a microchip in your body.

What functions can an NFC implant tag perform? When you wake up in the morning and want to watch TV, you don't have to look for the remote; simply wave to the TV, and it will turn on automatically. You don't have to bring the key to work after breakfast; simply wave to the door when you get home, and it will open for you.

DO RFID TAG manufacturer, your dependable partner, has been focusing on RFID for the past 15 years. Please contact us if you have any questions about RFID/NFC products!

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