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Custom RFID cards

Custom RFID cards

Custom RFID cards

2020-04-15 11:44:52

Custom RFID cards as reliable as you are.
DO RFID tag manufactures the very best in RFID cards, magnetic stripe hotel key cards, and credentials for the hospitality industry. Custom RFID Cards able to work with most major lock systems. You can trust our RFID card manufacturer to provide you with generic or custom imprinted RFID cards, wearables RFID wristband, and RFID key fobs at extremely competitive prices. With excellent service and fast turnaround times, DO RFID group is your custom RFID card manufacturer.
Why Choose our manufacturer to custom RFID Cards?
1. Durable, High-quality printing.
2. Superior security keeps your guests’ identities safe.
3. Unmatched lock interrogation features for security.
4. Never need to replace worn cards.  RFID cards never wear out due to continual usage.
5. Safer and more convenient than conventional key cards.
6. The newest generation of RFID technologies available for the hospitality industry, including LF, HF (NFC), and UHF.
7. Many form factors offered – from RFID wearables to key tags.
8.Excellent lead time.
9. 500 – 1,000,000 custom print runs available.
10. Competitive pricing.
11. Wearables options to compliment your cards. Available in a variety of colors and technologies.
Would you like to custom printed RFID card? Just send your artwork to us. Our world-class sales and customer service teams will make sure that you get exactly what you need. 
We provide Generic or Custom Printing, Full-color custom printing cards are available with your Brand Standard.
There is various personation available :
Barcode printing
Signature panel
Global Support
We Support Customers Globally. For the fastest service please email us with a detailed overview of your product or project requirement. Please expect a reply with requested technical or price information from us normally within 24 business hours.
Need to test some samples?
Arranging Samples Is Easy. We offer one sample of most RFID tags at no charge. We send samples to express delivery when air freight is pre-paid or charged to your company shipping account. 

Need any help or suggestion?

Just fill out the following form, our expert team will contact and make sure you get the highest level of help.

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