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2018-08-10 13:52:14

New Energy Saver Card Guarantees To Cut Your Electricity Bill By Up To 35% – Every Single Month!
If your electricity bill is around USD100 a month, you could save USD35 a month!
If it’s around USE200 a month, you could save a whopping USD70 a month!
Try multiplying that by 12, and it would mean saving a few hundred dollars a year.
That’s a lot of money, isn’t it?
What a magic products can help you ?
A card, 
Thanks to nanotechnology, this device is now available in the form of a energy saver card!
Same size as your credit card, our ENERGY SAVER CARD is built-in with a proprietary US-German energy savings system that not only cuts your electric bill by as much as 35% every month but als Extends the lifespan of all electrical appliances,Reduce spikes and power surges,Reduces & protects you from harmful electromagnetic radiation,Regulates the flow of electrical current to prevent voltage drop,Increase efficiency and power factor,Eliminates electrical wastage
100% Legal
And, as it does not tamper with your electric meter (an offense that is punishable by law), it’s 100% LEGAL and fully compliant with international safety standards.
The Science Behind The Magic energy saver card
Before we tell you how it works, here’s a secrety that power companies don’t want you to know. 
There is always excess electricity feeding into every household, commercial building and factory.
Whether you actually use it or not, it is recorded by the meter and billed to you!
Can you imagine?
Paying for electricity that you never use?
But you can’t fully blame the power companies on this.
The active power produced at their end somehow gets distorted as it travels through the power lines to its intended destinations.
 Due to distortion, there are components of electrical energy that is unused by the connected electrical equipment. This is called Waste Energy. As much as 30% of the total electrical energy flowing in can be lost as waste energy!
Unfortunately, you have to pay for BOTH the waste energy as well as the useful energy – even though you only utilize the useful energy.
Our ENERGY SAVER CARD works by minimizing waste energy, so that you only pay for the electricity that you use.
Made up of multiple layers of special piezoelectric materials (Morganite, Tourmaline, Ceramic and Germanium), the card generates a large amount of negative ions which help to “smooth out” electrical distortion in power cables.
This process is called Harmonic Mitigation.
As much as 35% of electricity can be “saved” this way.
Each of our ENERGY SAVER CARD has between 6,000 – 8,000 negative ions per cubic centimetre.
The card can be used at home, office, hotel and factory – anywhere in the world.

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