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Programmable RFID tags

RFID Solution Providers explain how to choose the best programmable RFID tags for your needs.

Before beginning a project, several factors must be considered, especially for customized products such as programmable RFID tags, RFID systems, and so on. Before you decide to purchase RFID tags, you may just have a few ideas about what kind of RFID tags you want. However, knowing how to choose the correct programmable RFID tags could be crucial to the success of this project.

Why? No matter how good your idea is, if you don't have the right RFID tags to implement it, your project will fail. On the other side, if you choose the incorrect tags, you will face a slew of problems.

DO RFID Group, a seasoned RFID tag manufacturer, will provide you with some programmable RFID tags.

When purchasing RFID tags, the price isn't the only consideration. Some RFID tag suppliers would merely provide you a lower price without asking you any questions about your project. Because they don't care what you'll do with it or how you'll utilize it. They just cared about selling you items, which may or may not be the proper ones.

Many websites just show the RFID tags one at a time, with no application or project functionality. But we're not the same. We'd like to ask some questions to our clients about the application, function, working environment, and so on. Our goal is to assist you in selecting the appropriate RFID tags.

Here are four industrials for your consideration; if you work in this field, congratulations! If not, you can send an email to our specialists, who will respond with more information.

RFID Tags on clothes

If you own a clothing line, you should choose an RFID apparel tags. From clothes manufacturing process monitoring to warehouse management, shipping, and retail, we've got you covered. There is a lot of demand, so you have to consider the cost.  Also, the RFID garment tags does not have to be especially long-lasting. We recommend using a UHF RFID label or sticker.

Why buy RFID tags on clothes ?

Retail stock management.jpg

Here give you some reason:

1. Cost-effective for large-scale applications.

2, It can be adhered to your existing garment tags or made into a paper RFID label.

3, Tracking UHF labels in bulk saves time. It's simple to manage and track your warehouse.

4, Anti-fake and encryption are both permitted.

5. If you want it to interact with the end user, you can use dural frequency. NFC for contact with end user via NFC mobile phone, UHF for management and tracking.

6, Select the exact size and color your buyer requested from a large selection of clothing.

Some brands, such as Nike's Jersey, are only for souvenirs. For communicating with fans, only an NFC-enabled chip is available. They should be washable, sturdy, and water-resistant, with the ability to withstand high temperatures.

RFID labels and stickers will, without a doubt, become obsolete. We recommend silicone washable tags and pps water-proof tags at this time.

Sewing inside the cloth, heat resistance of 120°, and washability of 130 times. Fans can obtain the news right away by bringing their NFC phone close to the laundry tag.

Custom RFID tags for inventory management


It's incredible how difficult it is to locate products in a large warehouse or inventory management system, especially when time is of the essence.

As an example, a consumer might tell your shopper, "I like this cloth; do you have a larger size?"

The shopper was perplexed, huh, I'll have to look into that first, please wait a moment.

Which outfit is the most appropriate in the face of so many options? This is a medium-sized item; wow, that is a larger item. Oh, someone mixed the middle one in this batch, pick one out. 10 minutes have passed, 20 minutes have passed...

You finally got it, but your consumer has left.

What a shame! Furthermore, you have no idea how many potential clients you missed within the 20-minute period. Also, if a negative experience is shared, more potential customers may be lost.

RFID stickers are also the primary choice for single item tracking in warehouses. Aside from that, there shouldn't be any metal.

If you need to track an entire set of shelves, you'll need an anti-metal RFID tag. ABS anti-metal RFID tag, epoxy shelf RFID tag, and so on. Metal-mount RFID tags are still functional even if they are mounted on a metal surface. However, the reading distance will be reduced.

Metal-mount RFID tags are commonly utilized in larger warehouses, libraries, and pallet inventory management, among other places.

Some ink suppliers, on the other hand, will utilize magnetic tags for inventory control. It can be used multiple times.

Do you know how to choose RFID tags for inventory management now?

Outdoor asset tracking tags customize


Many factors should be considered when designing outdoor asset tracking tags. The type of RFID tags required is heavily influenced by the environment, particularly when used outdoors.

The first decision you'll have to make is whether to use active or passive RFID tags.

The first step is to determine the length of the RFID tag reading distance.

Active RFID tags are battery-operated and broadcast their own signal continually. Active RFID systems use the ultra-high frequency (UHF) band and have a range of up to 100 meters. Active tags are typically used on huge things that must be tracked over long distances, such as train cars, large reusable containers, and other assets.

Passive RFID tags have a read range of up to 3 feet for passive low-frequency (LF) and high-frequency (HF) tags, while a simple passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) transponder may be read from 15 to 20 feet in the open air.

The reading distance would be much different if the size and material were different. In addition, the RFID reader plays a function.

RFID Cable & RFID Seal


Both RFID tags should be equivalent in terms of usage and position. The only thing that matters is resistance to the environment. One of our clients wants to use an RFID tag to regulate the water meter outside the door. Because it is a freezing place in the winter and a very hot place in the summer, they chose to use RFID Cable for the first time. However, RFID Cable is readily broken by Naughty boys after a little period of rainy and snowy days.

After asking our clients for specific demands, we recommend RFID Seal, which ultimately answered their difficulties.

It's simple to understand how RFID Cable would be more cost-effective for one-time or short-term use. However, if used in inclement conditions or for a lengthy period of time, RFID Seal would be preferable.

Retail RFID Solutions

Many shops desire to employ RFID tags for inventory management, but the first step is to figure out what you want to accomplish. Typically, there are three types.

1, Inventory Management

Make sure your product has a certain value if you want it to be labeled and monitored. If the value is too low, employ RFID tags; otherwise, your clients may be unable to accept significant price rises. UHF RFID tags, for example, are acceptable for use in jewelry. However, bar codes are still used in most food stores.

2, Anti-thief RFID

The EAS is a good choice for a reasonable price if you only want to use it to avoid theft. It can be reused on garments or eyewear.

3, RFID tag Price change in Bulk

I believe DO RFID tag manufacturer can be quite beneficial to huge supermarkets and shop chains in terms of price management. There's no need to print thousands of paper labels with prices and items on them. To modify the price tag, you don't have to work all night. There won't be too many complaints due to misplaced price tags.

Surprisingly, DO RFID tag manufacturer can assist you with marketing, guiding customers to purchase things, and regaining customers.

After reading this post, I believe you will have a better understanding of how to select the appropriate title for your project. Of course, more crucially, will not spend money on RFID tags that aren't used.

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