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RFID Fragile Anti tamper Label Tamper proof RFID tag

For Anti-Counterfeiting and tamper proof a large market demand emerged in recent years. Traditional anti-counterfeit solutions were facing a significant challenge by upgraded technologies and capabilities of industrial production. It is now easier and cheaper to counterfeit products especially in the visual cryptography way.

D.O RFID TAG Manufacturer offer a low cost but high level security solution for market.,our products had surpassed most of our competitor’s mass production. We have supplied more than 10 million labels to top famous brands of wine in China with NFC / RFID technology against acceptable costs and with comprehensive technology involved in our solution to prevent forgers from their attacks.
We have accumulated dozens customized designs for as many various applications:
brittle any part of inlay,brittle antenna connections,or brittle substrate of the transponder,
secure and precise strength of the adhesive intersect coating
Anti-clone secure chip design with encrypted programming
Secure cloud database and application server
Additional visual cryptography on labels
Secure NFC mobile device APP program for anti-counterfeiting authentication
Combined with physical encryption,chip encryption and online certification,D.O RFID TAG Manufacturer can offer a complex solution against competitive costs for anti-counterfeit projects like e.g. brand alcohol,tobacco,food,medicine,automobile parts and even certified documents. 


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Tamper Proof RFID Tags

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custom RFID tags for inventory
custom RFID tags for inventory

DO RFID TAG manufacturer able custom RFID tags for inventory and asset tracking, such as file servers or rental equipment, allow for a quick inventory and knowledge of where assets are located.

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TK4100 RFID label 125khz RFID tag sticker,RFID tag

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