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RFID tags for RFID waste management

You know Sydney’s Inner West council has begun rolling out 35,000 new wheelie bins. Just under the rim in the new bins, away from prying eyes, is a small circular device — a Radio Frequency Identification tag, or RFID trash can tag.
Sydney’s Randwick and Ryde councils are among many across Australia that already tag their bins and British cities have had what is sometimes know as is “bin bugs” for a decade or more.
Their bin bugs were used for “identification” purposes and could detect households which “contaminate” their recycle bins.
RFID bin tag is an asset management tool allowing councils to monitor their bin infrastructure. 
The various RFID tags work in different ways but one version is activated when the bin is hoisted off the ground to be emptied. As the contents are tipped out, the chip passes an antenna revealing its unique ID number.
The lifting mechanism then weighs each bin. If a bin is deemed too full, or indeed if a recycling bin seems too empty, the waste contractor instantly knows what household the bin belongs too.
A quick scan will also see if a waste receptacle has grown a mind of its own and wheeled itself away to a neighbouring street.
D.O RFID tag manufacturer help municipalities and waste removal service organizations optimize data collection speed and integrity, enabling pay-as-you-throw and recycling incentive programs.
Key benefits:
RFID waste management solutions support identification and traceability of waste streams.
Tags attached to waste containers enable operators to monitor sorting quality, track the number of times a container is placed for collection and track the weight of its contents.
Waste bin RFID tags simplify service billing and support implementation of incentive-based invoicing.
Bin and container manufacturers can choose from a broad spectrum of LF, HF and UHF passive contactless transponders from D.O RFID TAG manufacturer. Robust features provide various levels of resistance to water, chemicals, shock, and temperature variation. For field-deployed assets, Bin Tag and Plug Tag transponders install easily into standard nests, including metal bins and plastic bins.
Additional designs provide the flexibility and versatility to tag bins and containers of any size, shape or composition.

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