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Managing a dairy farm is not an easy task but it can be simplified with RFID/EID. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or Electronic Identification (EID) cattle tags are the solution for all dairy operations that require simple and efficient management protocols.

What is an EID or an RFID cattle tag ?

An RFID cattle tag  is a small button that contains an embedded microchip that attaches to a regular cattle tag. Each tag and chip have the same unique 15-digit number—one for visual identification and one to use with an electronic RFID reader.

Dairy workers scan the ear tag with a handheld RFID reader that energizes the device and reads the number coded in the microchip. That information is then sent from the reader to a handheld device that holds all the data on each individual cow. The tags are durable, and with proper placement should last the life of the animal.

How Durable Are RFID cattle tag ?

The EID tag only draws power from the reader during the time that it needs to read the necessary information. This means that you never have to worry about a battery going dead. If applied properly, EID tags have a high retention rate and the need to replace the tags is generally low.

DO RFID tag manufacturer custom Electronic identification ear tags (RFID cattle tag  ), also called radio frequency identification (electronic cattle ear tags), take all the features of a visual ear tag and combine it with the assurance of data integrity, as well as traceability. All RFID cattle tags can be verified visually or through scanning. HDX tags utilize half duplex technology that can be read from a greater distance and are beneficial for automated systems. FDX tags utilize full duplex technology and are a cost-effective option. We offer a variety of the best cattle ear tags in HDX and FDX to make your herd tracking, processing, and recordkeeping as seamless and efficient as possible. Each tag is assigned a unique number, making the tracing of health and all pertinent information quicker and easier. Instead of manually recording data in a spreadsheet, information like weight can be saved from the scale directly on to your computer, which is then stored and easily synced at the chute ensuring the accuracy of the animal’s data.

In modern-day cattle management, the use of innovative technology is not only desired but essential. Among the various tools available for livestock management, RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) tags have emerged as a revolutionary solution. Let's delve into the world of RFID tags for cattle and understand their significance and benefits.

What are RFID Cattle Tags?

RFID cattle tags are electronic tags that store a unique identification number. When scanned with an RFID reader, this number can be read from a distance without needing direct line-of-sight. Most commonly, these tags are used as rfid ear tags for cattle, making it convenient for farmers and cattle breeders to keep an accurate record of each animal.

Benefits of Using Cattle RFID Tags

  1. Efficient Tracking: With rfid tags in cattle, it becomes simpler to monitor the movement of livestock, ensuring they are safe and accounted for.

  2. Better Health Monitoring: RFID cattle tags allow breeders to link an animal's health records to its unique ID, ensuring timely medical interventions when necessary.

  3. Ease of Data Collection: Collecting data becomes seamless, be it for breeding purposes, milk production, or weight tracking.

  4. Theft Deterrence: The presence of rfid tags cattle use can act as a deterrent for theft, as stolen cattle can be easily traced.

Choosing the Right RFID Tags for Cattle

When deciding on the perfect rfid tags cattle breeders should consider:

  1. Read Range: Depending on the size of your pasture or farm, you'll need a tag with an appropriate read range.

  2. Durability: Given that cattle spend a lot of time outdoors, the chosen RFID ear tags for cattle should be robust and weather-resistant.

  3. Data Storage: Depending on your needs, choose tags that offer the right amount of data storage.

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