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passive rfid temperature sensor tags for Vaccine Monitoring

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RFID sensor tag with Gen2v2 RFID tags with the integrated temperature sensor.Gen2v2 UHF RFID user-friendly interface to authenticate the product and to retrieve the EEPROM stored data.

RFID sensor tags used for cloud-based solutions for cold chain, medicine logistics, and other related application. passive RFID temperature sensor tags are Battery Free and various size:30*40mm, 70*15mm, 68*14mm, 94*19mm. 

we design RFID temperature sensor tags in PET or paper material with a sticker , then it easy to stick on the products.

RFID tag temperature sensor is high Sensitivity: -7dbm, -15dbm, -15dbm, 17dbm, -17.5dbm,UHF RFID Chip Retention: 100,000 cycles
Temperature logging and sensor range from -40 degree  to +85degree

Typical Accuracy of ± 0.1degree (Specific Calibration)Regular Accuracy of ± 0.5degree (Wafer die based Calibration)
Temperature sensor passive RFID tag is Cloud-Based temperature saving & logging service with no limitation of temperature counts.
The configurable periodic interval between measurements from the cloud app or mobility app
Configurable Minimum and Maximum thresholds used for temperature comparison before storing into the cloud or local device
Fast access through QR Code to Minimum and Maximum logged temperatures with timestamp without the need to read/inspect the items in place.

Logistics supply chain, digital warehouse management, valuable products, under real-time and web-based could operation system, each item is secure & traceability.
Temperature measuring inside of un-man store supermarket, Cold chain Transport container with offline temperature saving & transmitting
Medical drugs, reagents, blood, vaccines, fresh food, seafood products, meat products, dairy products, food, fruits and vegetables, container cold chain transportation, fixed temperature control, etc.
In order to resistance dangerous chemical material, temperature sensors RFID tag as a unique product identification is the first option, especially which is greatly helpful for the storage of drugs, medicine, foods, body healthcare items, seafood, tobacco, drinks and etc.

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