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RFID Temperature sensors protect temperature-sensitive shipments

There are several key benefits from installing the RFID Temperature sensor tag in all perishable product shipments.

The customer grows and exports fruits and vegetables to distribution centers and markets, making them highly vulnerable to contamination and spoilage. Maintaining the temperature of these products throughout the cold chain took the highest priority to avoid any health risks, including food poisoning.

To ensure maximum product shelf life, these products needed to be shipped under optimum conditions from the time of harvest until finally being sold to the consumer. Failure to manage and control the many stringent storages and transport conditions could prove to be very expensive if the product was received in unacceptable condition for re-sale. The client could also face the risk of not getting paid for the product, having to negotiate a reduction in selling price due to loss of shelf life, or losing credibility with the receiver, all of which could result in extensive insurance and legal expenses. Therefore, it’s essential that accurate temperature records are maintained during shipping to document proof of adequate product handling until the products reach their destination.

You can stick the RFID Temperature sensor tag on the products 

 During shipments, the RFID Temperature sensor tag using an internal temperature sensor at a range of -40°C (-40°F) to 65°C (149°F). Monitoring was performed at a resolution of 0.1°C (0.2°F) and at high accuracy of ±0.3°C (0.5°F). You can see all information from your NFC Smartphone or RFID reader.  

RFID Temperature sensor tag is a label, you can stick anywhere, so it is suitable for any application. 

RFID Temperature sensor tag cost is cheaper than USB/ Bluetooth temperature data logger, it is a disposable temperature data logger and will not add cost for your solution. 

How to use RFID Temperature sensor tag

RFID Temperature sensor tag designed for the transport and shipping industries, it without USB interface or Bluetooth. Our temperature logger with RFID technology, in order to suitable for any applications, we custom the temperature logger with NFC technology and UHF technology. You can see the temperature data on your NFC smartphone. Or you can read this tag from a long distance. RFID Temperature sensor tags have a unique UID and are easy for tracking each product.

RFID Temperature sensor tag is very thin, just like a barcode label, and the size is the same as the credit cards. 

Benefits of RFID Temperature sensor tag

The RFID Temperature sensor tag easily performed all the monitoring needed for the fruit and vegetable consignments, so the customer would know exactly if and when the temperatures had gone out of specification and could identify which parties were accountable. The cold chain transport was confirmed on every printout of the logger's temperature record, providing further proof of the client's due diligence.

 RFID Temperature sensor tag also provided the complete history of the temperature conditions relevant to the products' post-harvest condition, so the client was fully confident that the shipping risks were significantly minimized or reduced. This often resulted in protection from negligence suits, prompt settlement of insurance claims and negotiation of compensation from liable processors, transporters or warehouses in the event of problems. These out-of-specification conditions were also analyzed to control and document the customer's own product and service quality to continually optimize shipping.

RFID Temperature sensor tag monitoring and recording features ensured the maintenance of the high-quality product, promoting the company as a quality supplier with a reputation for wholesome produce.

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