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Custom UHF reader

  • *RFID Frequency :860-960MHZ
  • *Material:ABS
  • *Color:white
  • *RFID Standard: ISO18000-6C
  • *Size:Customize

Custom A UHF RFID reader is a device that operates in the Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) range of 840 MHz to 960 MHz.

What is UHF reader ?

A UHF RFID reader is a device that operates in the Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) range of 840 MHz to 960 MHz. Its greater read range than HF NFC readers enables a single reader to interact with multiple tags at the same time, at high speeds, over distances of tens of meters.

There are various types of UHF RFID readers, including fixed RFID UHF reader, portable UHF RFID readers, smartphone RFID UHF readers, and USB UHF readers. DO RFID reader manufacturers provide the best-fixed RFID readers for various applications, whether it is to read a high density of tags or to achieve 100 percent detection accuracy. When shopping for a UHF RFID reader, keep the following factors in mind.

Fixed readers primarily serve to cover a specific area: one point by a doorway, a machine, on a conveyor belt, in a crate, and so on. Mobile readers enable us to read while we are on the move, as well as perform inventories and search for RFID tags that we do not see.

The reading-to-emission-power ratio and reading capacity requirements are determined by the number of tags to detect at any given time. The most complex applications involve a high density of tags, liquids, or metal products. The maximum reading power is determined by the regulations in each country or zone based on the type of frequency (ETSI, FCC).

The type of UHF reader: whether to use a fixed reader or a portable reader is frequently debated. This factor is determined by the application. A portable terminal, for example, is useful if we are in a store or warehouse and need to make inventories and movements. If the reading area is fixed, it is simple to install a reader that covers the area and automates the task.

USB Readers: These readers perform admirably when we need to record or read a small number of tags at various points during the manufacturing process or for document validation in offices.

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What is the Function of a Custom UHF RFID Reader?

Through RFID antennas, the UHF RFID reader emits radio waves of specific frequencies. The waves "charge" the tags, allowing them to communicate by emitting a unique ID. They do not require batteries and can be used for a long time. The data is processed by the UHF RFID reader so that we can integrate it into our application and give it meaning. RFID reader atennas are typically used with UHF RFID readers. RFID Antennas are in charge of emitting and receiving waves that allow RFID chips to be detected. An RFID chip is activated and emits a signal when it crosses the antenna field. The antennas generate various wavefields and cover varying distances.

Antenna Type: Circular polarization antennas work best in environments where the tag's orientation varies. When the orientation of the tags is known and controlled, and is always the same, linear polarization antennas are used. RFID tags can be read within a few centimeters using NF (Near Field) antennas.

Overcast angle and gain: Using antennas with gains of 8.5-10 dbi or higher will allow us to emit more power while achieving a higher reading ratio. The angle of opening is determined by the area to be covered, for example, 70°, 100°, and so on. The greater the overture of the antennas, the shorter the detection distance.

Antennas: Standard high-performance readers have two, four, or eight antennas. The number of antennas is usually determined by the reading space to be detected or the density of tags to be read. Fixed readers with two or four ports are commonly used. Multiplexers in some brands allow us to connect up to 32 antennas in the same reader.

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Why should you buy a UHF RFID reader from the DO RFID reader manufacturer?

The powerful industrial-grade RFID reader and writer produced by DO RFID reader manufacturer complements our UHF reader line-up and offers comprehensive features.

Our long-range RFID reader with integrated antenna and auto-tuning can read at distances of up to 3 meters/9.8 feet and has a maximum RF power of 27dBm that is software adjustable.

Software allows you to change the global UHF operating frequency from 840 to 960 MHz.

Our RFID UHF reader provides a constant high-power output and is packed with features that help you save money, simplify development, and reduce time to market for new RFID and Auto-ID applications. DO RFID Group's industrial RFID hardware is resistant to harsh environmental influences such as dirt, water, and oil, while still delivering outstanding reading and writing speeds of up to 300 tags per second. You can choose between short-range (SR), mid-range (MR), and long-range (LR) devices depending on the application and working environment.

We provide an unrivaled selection of RFID modules and readers that are easy to integrate. It has never been easier to incorporate RFID technology into products and existing systems.

All current international ISO standards and RFID transponders, including ISO18000-6C, EPC Class1 Gen2, ISO 15693, and ISO14443, are supported by our UHF RFID readers and writers. Ethernet, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Modbus, CANbus, RS232/485, and Wiegand interfaces are all supported.

Key Features of a UHF RFID Reader

The frequency range is 840–960 MHz.

ISO18000-6C compatibility (EPC Class 1 Generation 2)

Antenna integrated

There are numerous interface options.


Power over Ethernet, optional RTC, and firmware upgradeable

ETSI and FCC frequencies are supported.


Industry 4.0 refers to industrial automation.

Asset tagging

Tracking of Containers

Control of Access




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Custom UHF reader
Custom UHF reader

Custom A UHF RFID reader is a device that operates in the Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) range of 840 MHz to 960 MHz.

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