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Long Range UHF Reader

  • *Size:Customize
  • *RFID Frequency :860-960MHZ
  • *RFID Standard:ISO186000
  • *Material:ABS
  • *Color:white

What is the long range UHF reader ?

In North America, Ultra High Frequency RFID operates between 902-928 MHz and has read ranges of up to 10ft. Because of its long read range and low cost, UHF has become the most popular option in Auto-ID applications. UHF has more interference issues, but a well-designed system can overcome these issues. UHF RFID is also ideal for mounting on-label stock, making it the ideal item/container level tag option.

The long range UHF reader is an RFID long-range proximity card reader that can read multiple passive UHF tags at distances of up to 20 meters.

The long-range UHF reader is waterproof and can be used in a variety of RFID applications, including transportation management, vehicle management, parking, manufacturing process control, and access control.

long range UHF reader Function :

• Read range up to 12 meters (adjustable)

 • Read Sensitivity: Dual polarization read mode

 • Wiegand 26-Bit (Can change to 34-Bit via software)

• Two operating modes: trigger read and always read

 • Includes mounting plate and RS-232 cable

 • Weatherproof (IP68) • Maximum Cable Distance: 100m

long range UHF reader manufacturer 

DO RFID reader manufacturer creates a custom long range UHF reader.

We have a large selection of Long Range RFID readers. We have successfully expanded our product range, technological scope, and research and development efforts in recent years in order to respond quickly to new trends, provide customers with appropriate products, and set new standards in the RFID industry.

RFID comes in a variety of variations that operate at various radio frequencies.

The frequency chosen is determined by the business requirements and read environment; this is not a technology that has a "one size fits all" application.

long-range UHF reader Application

car parking .jpg

Management of logistics and warehouses

Parking management system;

Manufacturing administration;

Anti-counterfeiting detection of products;

Other areas of expertise include club management, library, student school rolls, attendance management, and swimming pool systems, among others.

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