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Top 10 Benefits of Metal Business Cards 2021

Have you considered purchasing metal business cards? If not, you should. Read on to learn the benefits of metal business cards.Ordering business cards made out of metal will often require a larger investment on your part. But it’ll be well worth it w

Have you considered purchasing metal business cards? If not, you should. Read on to learn the benefits of metal business cards.

Ordering business cards made out of metal will often require a larger investment on your part. But it’ll be well worth it when you see all the advantages that come along with using them.

Check out the 10 biggest benefits of using metal business cards below and then order some for yourself.

metal business card .jpg

1. Metal business cards price

When it comes to ordering metal business cards, the biggest concern is the price tag. Business cards made of metal scare them because they're worried they'll go over their budget.

This is just incorrect!

While metal cards are more expensive than normal plastic cards, you can find them for a reasonable price if you work with the appropriate company. All you have to do is conduct your research and locate a business you can rely on.

It'll pay dividends in the long run for both your company and personal brand. Give out metal cards to your clients and consumers, and you'll be proud of yourself. You'll also love the response.

2. Extremely Durable

When you hand out your business card to someone, you want to be sure it will stay. This is important since you don't want it to come apart and hinder someone from contacting you in the future.

Most business cards on the market nowadays are rather durable, which is a relief for the business owner. For as long as you don't wash them or place them in any other dangerous situations, they'll last.

However, metal business cards are among the most long-lasting options available. No matter how long a recipient keeps it in their wallet, it will still look as nice as when you first presented it to them.

3. Water-proof

Even though most business cards are tough, getting them wet is one thing you should avoid. Even a few drops of water can cause them to smear and obscure the contact information on your card.

Metal business cards, on the other hand, will not have this problem.

4. Anti-lost

Consider a scenario in which a client or customer contacts you one day. To discover your card, they take out their card organizer and begin to look through it.

They search for hours and hours and nothing appears! Although they know you put your card in your organizer, they can't find your business card.

When you use metal business cards, you won't have to be concerned about this issue. Business cards made of metal are less likely to be misplaced and will stand out more prominently when stacked with others.

5.  Excellent first impression

The first thing you'll do when you meet a new client or customer pulls out your business card and give it to them.

Your client or customer can get all the information they require from a simple business card. However, when you present it to them, it will have little of a "wow!" factor.

They'll most likely say "Thank you" and tuck your card away in their wallet along with the rest of the ones they've collected.

You'll get a different reaction, however, if you hand them a metal business card. Before they even read what's on it, they'll be impressed by how professional-looking your business card is.

This will leave a lasting effect on anyone who sees it for the first time. It will also help to keep your name in front of them in the future.

6. improve company's public image.

Metal business cards serve a purpose beyond aesthetics. When you start giving them out, it will boost the image of your business.

Almost every firm today makes use of business cards in some capacity. However, the majority of them pay little attention to the steps involved in getting there. When it comes to business cards, most go for the least expensive option.

It will demonstrate your commitment to quality if you choose metal business cards over other materials. People's perception of your firm will improve even before they learn much about it.

7. Simple design

Business cards are often overstuffed with details about the person holding them. They'll consist of the following items:

What is the person's name?

What they do is their business.

Their company name is

Their company's tagline

Their company's emblem

a snapshot of them

Their contact information is as follows:

Their electronic mail address is as follows:

These are their web page URLs and social media accounts:

And that's not all.

There's barely any room left after they've finished designing their business card!

If you like, you can use metal business cards for this strategy. However, because metal business cards are so distinctive, you can also go for a more simple design.

You may make a powerful first impression by using metal business cards that only have your name and email address on them. You won't have to waste time trying to impress them with your other knowledge because your metal cards will do the trick.

8. Feel special

Metal business cards look and feel more costly than regular ones, making clients and customers feel special.  When you hand one to someone, they'll undoubtedly think you spent a lot of money on it.

When you give your clients and consumers a metal business card, they'll feel appreciated. By handing them one of your cards, they'll realize how much you appreciate their business.

Standard business cards won't give them the same impression. Giving them one of those isn't going to make them feel as special.

9. Good Ice breakers

"Wow!" exclaimed everyone.

Be prepared to hear those words a lot. When you start handing out your metal business cards, you're going to hear a lot about them.

Clients and consumers will also want to talk to you for several minutes about your cards, so be prepared for that. When people find out where you acquired them, they'll start asking questions about how you came up with the idea to begin utilizing them.

Your business will greatly profit as a result of this since it will begin a more natural dialogue with your clients and customers. With their reaction to your business cards, you won't have to force any talks with them.

After you've done this, you'll be able to focus on other things far more easily. The icebreakers on your business cards help keep the conversation going with the individual you're meeting with.

10. wide range of metals.

metal business cards wholesale.jpg

Metal business cards can be made from a variety of metals, so if you decide you want them, you'll have a lot of options. Most of the time, your business cards can be made from materials like steel, aluminum, and more.

Your business cards will come in a variety of finishes from which to choose. Choosing the proper metal allows you to give your business cards a unique appearance, whether you want them to sparkle or appear strong.

Custom Metal Business Cards now !

metal card printing.jpg

There are more than 27 million business cards printed every day in the U.S. That equals out to roughly 10 billion business cards printed every year.

So if you want your company’s business cards to stand out in the crowd, you’re going to need to do more than just design them to look pretty!

You’re also going to need to find other ways to differentiate them from all the other business cards out there. One easy way to do it is by going with metal business cards as opposed to standard ones.

1. Titanium Cards

titanium cards.jpg

Titanium business cards make an impression, unlike any other metal business card.

Titanium is known for its high strength, resistance to corrosion, and low weight. Our metal cards come in two colors: matt black titanium and white titanium.

Our cards are credit card thickness (0.8mm/0.0315") and manufacturing of high-grade corrosion-resistant titanium that will not tarnish over time.

2. stainless steel card

stainless stell card.jpg

Stainless steel metal business cards project a bold, active, and modern image for your company. They leave an impression that no paper card could possibly match.

We believe that laser-cut stainless steel business cards have a striking, long-lasting impact, which is why we maintain the highest quality in all of our operations, from the initial design to the finished result.

We are a prominent stainless steel business card manufacturer in China, specializing in premium-grade stainless steel. So, depending on your custom stainless steel business card needs, our production team can assist you with the fabrication and printing of your custom stainless steel business cards in a range of sizes and shapes, including credit card sizes.

3. gold metal business card

gold metal business card.jpg

Our real gold metal cards are wonderfully special for that really special individual or client. 9kt, 14kt, 18kt, and 22kt gold are available.

Metal Business Cards Aren't the Only Option

We may make these cards as member cards in addition to using them as business cards. Individual names or numbers, barcode, signature strip, magnetic strip, signature strip, QR code, or even a full-color photo can all be included on our gold member cards, which are normally constructed from 0.0118" (0.3mm) card thickness. We can produce member cards in any finish or thickness up to 0.0312” (0.8mm), the same thickness as a credit card.

4. black metal business cards

custom metal business cards.jpg

The black matel business card is the most luxurious and opulent metal business card style! The matte black look and feel of Black Metal Business Cards is meant to impress. They're also made-to-order specifically for you!

When you deliver your clients your black metal business card, they will react in a way that no other card kind can match.

5. brushed aluminum business cards

order metal business cards.jpg

Want to stand out with something funky and different, have your Metal Business Cards printed onto aluminium. These aluminium business cards are the same size as a credit card 86 x 54mm. You can have them printed single sided or double sided and come in Silver, White and brushed gold.

6.metal nfc business cards

metal business card metal.jpg

Our Metal NFC Business Cards allow you to transmit information by simply tapping your card on a smartphone. They're also thick because they're made of 8mm stainless steel and are long-lasting, elegant, and useful!

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology allows two devices to communicate over a short distance. In other words, a physical NFC chip can send a link to a smartphone that is receiving it. Your website, LinkedIn profile, or any other website you want your client to visit could be the link. Most current smartphones can read NFC chips, thus the receiver doesn't even need to download an NFC reader.

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