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What Exactly Is An RFID Key Fob? How Do They Function?

You've probably heard of RFID key fobs. If this is the first time you've heard of it, you've come to the right place. Modern key fobs make it simple for businesses to manage entry into their premises.


A key fob is a small physical device that can be attached to a keychain. It electronically opens and closes doors. It first appeared on the market in 1983. Technological advancement has honed its capabilities over time, making it better.

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RFID key fobs were initially used to open car doors. It makes use of infrared and line of sight. They are, however, extremely vulnerable to forgery. Its has evolved a more secure system over the years. RFID tags are used in this system. Unlike the older system, it receives data via radio frequency signals. It is difficult to copy and manipulate.


How Do RFID Key Fobs Function?

RFID key fobs are equipped with RFID tags. It tracks data on tags using electromagnetic fields. Tags are typically used to store information. To open the door with a key fob, simply place it in front of the reader. Each key fob contains a unique microchip that the reader can recognize. The door will automatically open if you present the correct key fob to the reader.


Hotels, for example, use key fobs to improve door security. You can, however, reprogram a single key fob to open all doors. It's known as a master key fob. If the customer misplaces his key fob, management can still gain access to the room.


Proximity Key vs. RFID Key Fob

A proximity key is a fob that allows you to enter your home without using a key. It uses RFID technology, similar to a key fob, to transmit data and gain access to the door. It does not, however, have to be waved in front of the reader. Even when inside your bag or pocket, a proximity key can still open a door.


The RFID key fob, on the other hand, must be waved in front of the reader. Proximity keys are primarily used for cards. They are, however, gradually being adopted for building access control systems.


The Best Reasons to Use Key Fobs

Many establishments use key fobs, which is not surprising. The technology improves security and simplifies some difficult tasks. The following are some of the reasons why you should start using RFID key fobs in your business.


Key fobs are extremely simple to use and manage. It requires a no-brainer to operate. It saves businesses the time and effort of performing manual security checks. For example, if you own a hotel, you don't have to hand out keys by hand. Manual keys are simple to duplicate. It makes businesses more vulnerable to theft and robbery. Key fobs improve customer satisfaction and facilitate access. It is more modern and practical for hotel owners.

Increased security - Key fobs serve the same purpose as traditional keys. However, they provide additional convenience and security. Businesses can keep track of which customers are in which rooms. Simply deactivate the key fob to prevent someone from entering the room. It also increases the security of your entire building. Assume you are the owner of a company. Key fobs can be reprogrammed to allow only employees to enter the building. It also allows you to control who and when can enter which doors. For example, you can restrict access to a warehouse to only those employees who need it during their assigned work hours. The most significant advantage is that it allows you to record entries and exits. It allows you to track attendance and monitor employees.

Anti-hacking system - RFID-blocking sleeves for key fobs are available. This safeguards your key fob against malicious individuals attempting to hack your data. You can also set your system to non-broadcast mode. This generates a challenge-response approach or rolling code that prevents a hacker's reader from working. In the event of unauthorized access, it automatically executes some codes that protect sensitive data and block hackers.

Anti-counterfeiting - Unlike traditional keys, key fobs are difficult to replicate. Inside the microchip of an RFID key fob are codes and programs. Hackers will have a difficult time accessing your card. You can, for example, add two-factor authentication to your key fob. It is the most effective way to improve your company's digital security.

Budget-friendly - Key fobs can be costly. However, you should think of them as a small investment in order to protect larger ones. When your security is lacking, your company could easily become a target for hackers. When hackers breach your security, they can steal valuable items from your company. You simply can't afford to lose anything.

Who Can Make Use of RFID Key Fobs?

RFID Apartment and gated communities benefit greatly from key fobs. You can restrict access to only authorized individuals with a key fob. Key fobs can also be used to grant tenants access to common areas. The main gate, community pool, and storage facilities can all be included. There is no need for security guards to approach tenants and check their privileges.


The RFID key fob accomplishes this for your company. It simplifies security and checks while encouraging client independence. You can also reprogram fobs to gain access to specific homes.


As a result, tenants can give keys to cleaning crews, dog walkers, and babysitters without fear of them being copied.


RFID Key fobs can also be useful in the workplace. It increases security by immediately blocking lost or stolen key fobs. It can also be used to block employees who have already been fired. Some businesses change the access code for restricted areas and reprogram fobs on a regular basis. Fobs can also be integrated into commercial security systems. Employees will benefit from this, among other things. It aids in the tracking of entries and exits. Contact a professional to assist you in programming key fobs for your company.

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