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Where to buy rfid tags for cattle

To help the traceability of animal disease, the USDA is planning to purchase 8 million low-frequency radio frequency identification ear tags.As part of the USDA's commitment to animal agriculture, it is increasing traceability by providing free

To help the traceability of animal disease, the USDA is planning to purchase 8 million low-frequency radio frequency identification ear tags.

As part of the USDA's commitment to animal agriculture, it is increasing traceability by providing free RFID tags to interested producers. “This will offset the costs of replacing bar-coding systems with RFID tags as well as help us to respond to possible disease events more quickly.”

Replacement breeding cattle and bison, which are state livestock, can be purchased with RFID identification tags for use on the website of the Board of Animal Health for no cost to the producer. As an alternative, MBAH recommends that producers should order one year's worth of replacement heifer tags. Place your order as far in advance as possible, however.

On checking the MBAH website link on August 27, it was discovered that shipping tags have been delayed, thus increasing the time required for orders to arrive.

USDA has received additional comments on the timeline of its proposed RFID transition, and is now conducting additional research. You can review and comment on the proposal from October 5 through October 10.

Allflex, Dallas, Texas; Datamars, Temple, Texas; and Y-Tex, Cody, Wyoming, all comply with the Buy American Act, won the RFID tag contracts.

Actors and other creative performers may also buy RFID-tagged animal ID products by contacting any of the authorized companies to manufacture official animal ID tags.

RFID tag manufacturer generated many different types of RFID livestock tags, such as RFID ear tags, ear tag scanners, and others. To buy rfid tags for cattle, please contact us.

RFID glass tag for animals

RFID glass tag.jpg

Glass RFID tags offer dependable performance and exceptional size-to-performance ratios using direct-bonding technology.

Glass containers are biocompatible, so they are safe for animals. The optional parylene coating helps improve and speed up tissue adhesion, ensuring that implanted radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags remain fixed where placed in pets, fish, or laboratory animals.

protect and manage your livestock

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Increasing global commerce is making it increasingly challenging to track and manage animals for food product sourcing. Many animals can be transported for thousands of miles, often joining livestock from other regions. Like farm and zoo animals, pets such as dogs and cats can also spread dangerous diseases in the human population.

With ear-tags, farm animals can be kept track of using low frequency (LF) or UHF RFID tags, or glass tags or boluses. Animal ID components and systems are standard, regulatory compliant, and fully interoperable with our other innovations.

For the type of chip, dimensions, programming, and materials, our engineering team can create custom tag solutions.

embeddable RFID is used for animal identification

FDX SIC7999 E-unit.jpg

To provide the electronics required for an effective monitoring of any size or type of animal, where identification is better suited to be in a band, tag, or ring attached externally to the subject, do RFID tag manufacturers have the capability to produce ideal RFID tag solutions? Unreliable IC assembly is completely avoided by using fully automated production processes that guarantee dependable attachment of the IC to the antenna for finished product reliability. Patented direct-bonding technology also results in smaller and more efficient tag designs as well as optimized read ranges.

the compliance and security of pets and laboratory animals


Safe and valid identification of animals is critical for valid research and to ensure the safe return of lost or stolen animals. The RFID transponder embedded in the animal's ID provides an accurate record of their care and prevents the spread of disease.

By means of subcutaneous implantation, the transponders remain functional for long periods of time, reducing the risk of error or needing to replace the tag due to removal or damage. A perfect solution in Europe, where chips are implanted under animals' skin. Traveling from one EU member state to another does not require any quarantine.

We have sizes that accommodate all of the animals, from smaller fish and animals to cats, dogs, and horses. Tiny geolocation tags can be attached to bird rings or bands to track the location of the birds. Our animal identification transponders are considered to be a top choice for veterinary professionals because of their durable small form factor, top-notch read range performance, and cost effectiveness.

RFID Products

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1.25x8mm ISO11784/11785 FDX-B Microchip
1.25x8mm ISO11784/11785 FDX-B Microchip

Explore the 1.25x8mm ISO11784/11785 FDX-B Microchip by RFIDTagMaker, a revolutionary tool in animal management. Ideal for veterinarians and breeders, this RFID Microchip Syringe offers precision, safety, and compliance with international standards.

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Metal mount RFID tags

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UHF Flexible Anti-metal Tag waterproof anti metal long range rfid metal tag

The printable UHF Anti-metal foam Tag is our self-designed and self-developed tag which is suitable for metal objects' management. With special anti-metal material and Monza chip, its read range up to 6 meters when it pastes on the metal surface....

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NTAG215 NFC tags
NTAG215 NFC tags

DO RFID tag manufacturer produce various NFC tags. The ntag215 NFC tags are small, inexpensive and portable, it with a tiny ntag215 chip and antenna operate at 13.56 MHz.

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