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small passive rfid tags micro rfid tag cheap rfid tags

Our cheapest micro RFID Tags are special designed in small sizes such as Dia 9mm, 8*15mm, 6*20mm, 7*10mm, 12*12mm etc.

1.       Overview:

Our cheapest micro RFID Tags are special designed in small sizes such as Dia 9mm, 8*15mm, 6*20mm,7*10mm, 12*12mm etc. They are all available for short range or long range tracking application, could be used for access control, asset management, asset tracking. Tiny items tracking, such as surgical tools,pharmaceuticals or other medical supplies; for brand protection of small, high-value products; and even for the management of small animals. The applications of our tiny RFID tags are required for any small size tracking.


2.       Technical specification


FPC basic material with copper antenna


ISO 14443A or  ISO15693


13.56MHz (HF)


Mifare 1k, NTAG 213, NTAG215,NTAG216 etc.

Reading distance

0.1~5cm(depend on reader, tag and working environment )


Dia8mm ,Dia10 mm,Dia18 mm, 8*12 mm, 8*14 mm, 12*18 mm, 6*16 mm, 15*15 mm, 9*18 mm.

Working mode

read-only or read-write according to chip type

Read/write endurance

>100,000 times

Customized serivice

1. custom printing logo, text

2. pre-code: URL, text , numbers

3. size, shape

Working temperature



Waterproof, moisture proof, anti-vibration, heat-resistant

4. Application:

Tool tracking, identification. Soft material easy to insert or integrate to any small products.

5. Assurance:

100% quality grantee and refund.

6. Company profile:

D.O RFID TAG Manufacturer provides complete, reliable, high performance RFID infrastructure systems for

item-leave tracking in a variety of industries.

Our unique RFID expertise, combined with a true understanding of RFID business processes,

makes us the ideal RFID partner to ease and ensure the success of your project.

Rugged high frequency tags are specially designed for industrial applications that requires RFID tags which

can withstand harsh environmental conditions!


Our advantage:

We produced   the most ruggedized tags that can be withstand stringent environmental conditions.

They are robust enough to be embedded, encapsulated, injected into,or affixed directly into products that are subjected to extreme processes.


SMALL size- high performance

Utilizing a special antenna manufacturing process, the product line encompasses some

of the smallest size tags available for item-level track and trace applications.

What is micro RFID tag ?

Micro RFID tags are small devices that can store and transmit data using radio waves. They are widely used for various applications such as inventory management, asset tracking, identification, security, and more. One of the challenges of RFID technology is to make the tags as small as possible while maintaining a sufficient reading distance and performance.

The micro RFID tag on the market is the RFID Microchip Tag, which can be as small as 0.8 x 0.3 mm. This tag belongs to the animal management category and is used for cats, dogs, pets, and fish. The tag is injected into the animal using a syringe and can last for more than 10 years.

However, there are even smaller RFID tags that have been developed by researchers and companies for special purposes. For example, RAINRFID launched a micro RFID tag in 2017 that has a size of 1.25 x 1.25 x 0.55 mm. This tag can be embedded into metal surfaces and use the instrument itself as the antenna carrier. This micro RFID tag is suitable for precision instruments, watches, jewelry, and other items that require anti-counterfeiting, numbering, anti-theft, and so on.

The micro RFID tag ever created was developed by Hitachi in 2007. It has a size of 0.4 x 0.4 mm and looks like a speck of dust on a human fingertip. It uses semiconductor miniaturization and electron beam technology to write data on the chip substrates. It can store a 38-digit number in its 128-bit ROM (Read Only Memory). This tag can have various applications such as anti-counterfeiting, authentication, medical implants, environmental monitoring, and smart dust.

These ultra-small RFID tags demonstrate the potential of RFID technology to enable new solutions and innovations in various fields and industries.

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small passive rfid tags micro rfid tag cheap rfid tags
small passive rfid tags micro rfid tag cheap rfid tags

Our cheapest micro RFID Tags are special designed in small sizes such as Dia 9mm, 8*15mm, 6*20mm, 7*10mm, 12*12mm etc.

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