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Super RFID copier 2021 overview

RFID is the application of radio waves to wirelessly transfer data. In this case, the data being transferred is from an RFID tag to an RFID reader. This information can be anything from shipping and retail tracking IDs to physical security identification and door access information.

An RFID tag can be manufactured in a number of different ways (for example, through labels, inlays, hard tags, and ID cards/badges), and it is created by combining an antenna and an integrated circuit (IC). The antenna captures radio waves and supplies current to the IC, which holds the memory banks, processes information, and houses various security protocols that are used in communication with the RFID reader. Even the most basic RFID systems will have these two crucial components.

One of the most common uses of RFID technology is in physical security and for controlling access to doors. You will have firsthand experience with RFID technology if you swipe your ID card to get around your office building. However, as you and your IT department can probably attest, one of the more logistical downsides of an RFID card system is replacing lost key cards or tags. It may be beneficial to have an extra RFID tag if you're likely to need it for any of the following: your apartment complex, your office, your storage unit, or your car.

RFID copier can be found here. An RFID copier (or an RFID duplicator) is a device that copies the data from one RFID tag and duplicates it, creating multiple instances of the same tag.

Custom EM4305 RFID Card

Custom T5577 RFID card

UID writable mifare classic cards

Anti Copy EM Reader

RFID copiers work as follows:

This guide provides a step-by-step explanation on how to make a duplicate key card or fob. You'll definitely want to check out that guide if you want more information on the copying process and the tools you'll need. In general, key cards and fobs will take from three to five minutes to activate. Higher frequency cards, like HID cards, will take a little longer to print, and RFID copiers used to copy such cards will cost a little more. But, in addition to this, the guide specifies additional hardware and software requirements to make higher frequency cards copies.

An RFID copier can be referred to as an RFID card copier or an RFID card duplicator, depending on the context. So you shouldn't be surprised if you see the terms used interchangeably.

RFID copiers provide many benefits

To answer this question, you must perform a general cost-benefit analysis and take into consideration your overall needs. When it comes to card duplication, there are service providers who will perform the necessary key cloning and card copying for you, and they'll charge you between and per card. For small quantities of copies, paying someone else to copy your card might be a worthwhile expense, but you can usually find inexpensive RFID copiers on eBay for as little as . These RFID copiers often come with extra writable tags. If you have everything you need to create multiple copies of your RFID keycards,RFID tags, or RFID fobs.

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Knowing that you have control of your sensitive data provides an added benefit. To make a copy of your apartment keycard or your employee ID tag, simply say "I want to make a copy of my apartment keycard or my employee ID tag." In order to avoid having to give those companies access to your or your company's sensitive identification information, it is not necessary to use your own device to make copies of the keycards.

RFID copier Features:

3.2 inch screen, the effect of the exposure is clear.
Digital key input number can be directly in the front.
Easy to carry. also can use usb power line.
It can break the encryption card.
Comes direct decoding, preparation of various types of smart card door access.


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Waterproof Wiegand Output Keypad EM/Mifare classic card reader

Waterproof Wiegand Output Keypad EM/Mifare classic card reader

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