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The 13.56 MHz RFID card is fundamentally just a memory storage device, where the memory is divided into segments and blocks with simple security mechanisms for access control. They are ASIC-based and have limited computational power. Thanks to their reliability and low cost, these 13.56 MHz RFID cards are widely used for electronic wallets, access control, corporate ID cards, transportation, or stadium ticketing. In essence, many mobile devices have biometric authentication, and users are more comfortable authenticating themselves to a device they own rather than handing biometric markers over to others.

There are significant differences between 125khz RFID cards and higher frequency technologies like 13.56 MHz RFID card, which has a higher frequency and a smart processor and offers more security. When it comes to all-important issues of cost, 125khz RFID cards are almost the same price as13.56 MHz RFID cards. At the same time, MIFARE DESFire is a more significant jump for far higher levels of security and greater operational flexibility.

13.56 MHz rfid card is an RFID smart card that you can write data to the device. Even a Mifare classic 1k card will have data spread over 16 sectors, each sector able to hold its own application and set of encryption keys. The 13.56 MHz rfid card is designed to be completely secure, keeping all data stored on its memory safe. as There’s more data, so it’s a longer read process (80 milliseconds), and a reduced read range, but the result is far higher security

It’s a lot more flexible than traditional proximity technology because you can use 13.56 Mhz RFID card for multiple applications, you can have a sector for base building, a sector for tenancy, a sector for biometrics, a sector for time and attendance, etc.

It is essential to know these differences when buy 13.56 Mhz RFID card, mostly because it’s essential for the customer’s RFID card reader to be able to understand the card technology. For 13.56 Mhz RFID card, you need a reader that can read 13.56 MHz.

13.56 Mhz RFID card Application:

Contactless payment systems

Bluetooth and WiFi connections

NFC modules

Smartphone with NFC 


Operating Frequency:13.56 MHz

EEPROM storage: 1K Byte

Default protocol: ISO14443A

4 Byte unique identifier

Variable Identification distance:0~5+cm

Service life:>=10 years

Service time:100,000 re-writes

Material: ABS/PVC

Size:85.60*53.98*0.76mm (3.37*2.12*0.03")

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MIFARE Classic 1K (MF1 S50) Contactless Smart card

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