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 DO RFID tag manufacturer has over 15 years of reliable service, highest quality, industry credentials and sealing experience.

Our modern production combined with personal attention to each order allows us to provide the fastest and most efficient service possible while also meeting the specific and diverse needs of our customers.

RFID tagging is a method of storing data remotely. This RFID chip is included into the security anti-tamper seals' housing. It allows data to be extracted from fixed RFID readers or RFID mobile readers. The RFID reader gathers the data and sends it to the database, where it is stored.

RFID security anti-tamper seals allow for bulk reading of elements without them having to be visible. Furthermore, they may be read from a distance and through materials often found in logistics environments, such as cardboard, plastic, or wood. Security RFID anti-tamper seals   can therefore be read from within packages, boxes, and containers.

During the injection process, RFID chips are embedded in the security anti-tamper seals. The technology allows data to be extracted using either stationary RFID readers (such as arches or antennas installed on conveyor belts) or RFID mobile readers. The information is collected by the reading device and transmitted to a database, where it is logged and/or incorporated into the management ERP.

How to buy the anti tamper seals

Select an anti-tamper seal that is physically compatible with the device or fixture being sealed.

To lock and inspect the seal, pay close attention to lengths, diameters, and available space. Also think about the environment and how long you'll be using it.

Use seals with the right amount of tensile strength.

Consider what strength won't break if it's dropped, and how strong it should be for cutting or removing. Is the seal effective in preventing unauthorized opening to the extent required? Costs should be compared to the risk of losing seals if they are violated. The more powerful the seal, the more expensive it is.

Use an easy-to-manage closure system.

Your seals' closure method should be compatible with the facilities and workers applying and inspecting the seals' capabilities. Consider the cost and availability of special tools if they are required to close or read a seal. Complex systems that lack suitable equipment and properly educated personnel are ineffective.

The seals should be made of materials that are appropriate for the conditions in which they will be utilized.

Climate, corrosion, physical pressures, duration of use, as well as handling and storage circumstances, should all be considered. We provide a large choice of polymers and metals in various strength categories.

Ascertain that the seal can hold all of the information required.

A serial number or a few letters may be all that is required. Alternatively, you may require a large quantity. Logotypes, product identifiers, bar codes, source and destination indicators, and load or content data can all be displayed on seals.

RFID anti-tamper seals are commonly employed in the following industries:

Food industry: mostly utilized as ham and shoulder strap seals, they have become a standard for quality assurance and traceability in the industry.

Used in wholesale commerce and distribution facilities, as well as in retail. The order processing of e-commerce or online sales sites uses this paradigm as well.

Financial sector: transporting cash and confidential documents necessitates meticulous surveillance of the item, a process that RFID technology have simplified and safeguarded.

The logistics industry and land transportation are used to assure the safe movement and traceability of goods in containers, cages, and other modes of transport.

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