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DO RFID TAG manufacturer are a professional RFID label manufacturer in China, producing tens of millions of rfid labels every year, and our products are mainly sold to the United States and Europe. Welcome to cooperate with us and order our RFID label products,we can create high-performing labels and tags that will meet your specifications and needs.

RFID Labels

RFID labels are a type of label that uses radio frequency identification.

(RFID stands for radio frequency identification.)

Electromagnetic fields are used by RFID labels to automatically identify and track items. Large volumes of electronically stored data can be saved on RFID labels and RFID tags. RFID labels or tags, unlike barcodes, do not need to be in direct line of sight of the scanner, therefore they can be embedded in the tracked product or container.Based on the characteristics of RFID labels, many buyers custom RFID labels. According to their own personalized needs, let RFID labels manufacturers design and manufacture.

What are the advantages of custom RFID labels in warehouse management?

RFID labels are widely utilized in a variety of industries. 

Because there are many industries with different needs, RFID labels are basically not sold in stock. We custom RFID labels according to the needs of different industries. This can meet the needs of different industries.

RFID labels or tags attached to a product or container, for example, can be used to track its location during its time in a warehouse. The exact position tracking provided by RFID improves warehouse management precision and efficiency. Furthermore, as products move within the warehouse and across the supply chain, RFID technology enables greater visibility into inventory management.

Barcode labels have become normal operating procedure in warehouses, distribution centers, and institutions that have used automated inventory management technologies. RFID labels and tags, on the other hand, are rapidly becoming a bigger component of the inventory management equation. Consider the retail industry, where vast quantities of merchandise are temporarily held and/or move through warehouses on their way to retail stores. RFID labels or RFID tags can track products in the warehouse at the pallet, case, and even item level.

Custom RFID labels additional Advantages 

In contrast to barcode labels, which require employees using hand-held scanners or fixed position scanners to see the label in order to scan it successfully, RFID tags and labels do not require line of sight for scanning. In conveyor-based or lift-truck operations, for example, boxes must be placed on the belt in a specific way so that the barcode label may be scanned. Because RFID labels or RFID tags can be read from any angle, they speed up the scanning process and cut down on the effort involved in relocating boxes for scanning. Scanners can also read numerous tags or labels at once, allowing for the scanning of a whole pallet of objects at once.

Using an RFID labels or RFID tags warehouse management system can also help you save money on manpower. In a warehouse/distribution center, labor can account for 50 percent to 80 percent of costs. Inventory check-in, inventory counts, picking times, and shipment verification may all be performed in seconds with RFID labels or RFID tagsRFID labels or RFID tags are designed to be scanned in groups, allowing for the scanning of multiple assets at once, eliminating the manual effort involved in scanning each item individually.

Many warehouse activities that formerly required multiple people to perform using barcodes and scanners can now be completed automatically with just a few scans thanks to RFID technology. Furthermore, RFID systems have been shown in certain experiments to be capable of reading an entire warehouse's worth of goods in just a few minutes, dramatically shortening the inventory management process from days to hours.

By offering real-time updates and speedier scanning, RFID technology enhances inventory location accuracy. Managers and customers can know exactly when product enters or leaves a location thanks to RFID readers strategically placed at doorways and throughout the warehouse. Employees could potentially transfer an item without scanning it using barcodes, resulting in lower inventory accuracy.

The advantages of customized labels are particularly important. This should be customized according to your requirements.

Is it possible to track reusable containers with RFID labels or RFID tags?

RFID labels or RFID tags allow organizations that use returnable containers or pallets to track those assets throughout the warehouse and across the supply chain. RFID technology can also help to prevent asset loss or theft. Returnable/reusable containers can amount to millions of dollars in capital investments in many circumstances. RFID labels or RFID tags are a cost-effective way to cut down on these costs.

 Custom RFID label cost

Because pricing is dependant on volume, the amount of memory on the tag, the packaging of the tag (whether it's encased in plastic or embedded in a label, for example), whether the tag is active or passive, and much more, most RFID label manufacturers that offer RFID labels don't quote prices. Active tags, on average, cost and above. Active tags with extra-long battery life, special protective housing, or sensors might cost 0 or more. A passive 96-bit EPC inlay (chip and antenna installed on a substrate) costs between 7 and 15 cents in the United States. The price climbs to 15 cents and up if the tag is placed in a thermal transfer label on which a bar code can be printed. Low- and high-frequency tags are more expensive.

Different application scenarios have different parameter requirements for RFID label. We can help you customize the tags you need. Welcome to contact us.

If you want to ask anything just fill in the form below and send us. We will contact you within 12 hours.

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Custom RFID label
Custom RFID label

DO RFID TAG manufacturer are a professional RFID label manufacturer in China, producing tens of millions of rfid labels every year, and our products are mainly sold to the United States and Europe. Welcome to cooperate with us and order our...

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