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electronic shelf label


Electronic shelf labels act as data collectors, recording when and where items were sold, at what price, and how many pieces were sold.

What is an ESL Electronic Shelf Label?

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ESL is a short name for Electronic shelf label or digital price tag, which is used to replace traditional paper price labels. Each ESL tag is linked to an online computer database. Displaying the most up-to-date product information, such as pricing. digital price tag successfully computerizes shelf labels, eliminating the need for manual intervention and ensuring POS and shelf label consistency.

Retailers utilize an electronic shelf label (ESL) technology to show product pricing on shelves. Electronic display modules are typically mounted on the front edge of shop shelves. electronic shelf tags use for  Pricing management, labor expenses are reduced, pricing accuracy is improved, and dynamic pricing is possible with automated ESL systems.

The digital price tag Label ushered in a golden age of Industrial New Retailing.

After reading this article, you should recognize that this is the best time for innovative retailing using electronic shelf labels. What you can obtain from online retail, and how smart price tags can help you get it.

Thousands of labels' prices can be changed in a split second.

Because of the requirement for speed, 46.7 percent of retailers update their prices once a week, but 53.4 percent prefer to make changes daily or in real-time. Of course, the traditional price labels must be repriced manually, and stores have been refining the process for years: procedures have been established, mobile laptops and scanners improve efficiencies, and re-labeling work is included into rotas after hours.

so manual pricing is still a difficult task. It's time-consuming and costly.

One high-profile sale at a large retailer takes two days to reprice and requires full teams in each shop to labor overnight throughout the weekend.

Repricing, in fact, binds associates to a time-consuming duty that most would want to avoid, and it diverts them from their core task of assisting consumers.

Besides waste time, there are many other problems.

Price labels may fall off or be placed incorrectly, and some goods may be sold without price labels. Customers will quit up before seeing the price, while others will wait in line for a long period just to be told the price is incorrect at the cashier's desk. Can you imagine how unpleasant this situation was? you will get more complaints or lost customers.

Why do you have to use the electronic shelf tags?


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The electronic shelf tags allow you to modify the price in a matter of seconds.

Update prices anywhere: With the centrally controlled system, you can change an unlimited number of prices electronic shelf edge labels — within 25 meters of the router, across one store, or across all stores, in seconds — without involving your in-store staff.

React to trends: Change the price of electronic price tags based on the time of day, rival activity, or the season using dynamic pricing methods. In the evening, you must sell any remaining veggies and fruits, otherwise, they will depreciate in value. How can you make promotion in a short amount of time? The best method is to offer a discount, which can modify the price in a matter of seconds and only lasts for one hour. Increase your revenues while reducing waste.

Improve service: When customers enter a supermarket, give the retailer a 20% chance to make a profit. The most important factor is whether or not the service is satisfactory. If the sale is constantly followed and promoted. I believe the customer will quicken their pace and exit the building. If, on the other hand, they want to know something and all of your salespeople are too preoccupied with altering price labels to address their questions, It's difficult to make consumption complicated. As a result, electronic shelf labels allow store personnel to focus on what they do best: serving consumers.

You can see inventory on an electronic shelf label.


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What would you do if this situation arose in your life? When you walk into a mall and notice a lovely shoe, put it on. The size, however, is a tad on the small side. “Do you have a larger size?” you inquire. The merchant responds, “Please wait, I need to check our inventory.” You waited for ten, twenty minutes... The seller returns, her face dripping with sweat. And you were brimming with anticipation. Then she said, "Sorry, we don't have a bigger one in stock." What a shame! Time was squandered, but the shoes were not available.

In terms of the seller, how much did she lose? During her absence, she will have time to think about potential consumers.

What is the best way to solve this issue? You can see inventory on the electronic shelf label. The system saves all of the data and displays it on the electronic shelf label. There's no need to inquire about the number of sizes available from the seller. Just look at the digital shelf tags and you'll see, oh, no size for me, OK, let's go or try another style. So simple!

The electronic shelf label instructs you on how to organize your categories.

Have you ever considered how a supermarket might be laid out? What kind of merchandise should be displayed near the door, and how should the pricing be set? What products should be placed in the center of the shelf? Is it for kids, ladies, or gentlemen?

If you have no notion, ask your in-store team to meet and talk about it. Then, according to your team's plan, arrange the merchandise. You may also say, "Let's perform an A/B test."

That's exactly what the majority of shopkeepers do. Your team members' ideas, on the other hand, represent only a small part of a person's total mental process. And it's your goal, not your team's, to sell those to your clients. We have to say that the second method, the A/B test, is a clever one. However, gathering the data is a challenge. Choosing the best option from a variety of locations and costs can take a long time.

Electronic shelf labels provide instructions on how to organize your categories.


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Electronic shelf labels act as data collectors, recording when and where items were sold, at what price, and how many pieces were sold. What can you do based on this simple data?

Offer a discount during rush hour or run a promotion similar to seckill. Also, inform them of the next seckill time in order to entice additional repeat clients.

Furthermore, based on these findings, chewing gum or attractively packed confectionery placed in front of the cashier desk at a modest price are more appealing.

It's also a good idea to put candies or toys in the middle or bottom of the container for children to take.

To double your revenue, you'll need your customers to tell you how to manage the categories. The voice pipe is the electronic shelf label.

In supermarkets, electronic price tags are used.

The supermarket's social media is the electronic shelf label.

Why is it that internet retail has grown in popularity despite the fact that it cannot be touched or seen? It's not difficult to discover that buyers value reviews and feedback. Customers can get a true sense of how the products feel when they use them. That is why social media has become so popular in recent years. Clients can learn about you and your business from social media and other people's opinions, and then decide whether or not to contact you.

You can touch and see what you want to buy in offline retail, but you don't get the experience of utilizing it. You're not sure if you're delighted with your purchase or if you'll come to regret it. If you've had a positive experience with this product, there's no need to share it. On the contrary, if you're so upset about the stuff you brought, you won't be able to tell anyone.

Retail digital price tags can function both online and offline.

You can touch and see as you enter the supermarket. Take out your phone and scan the QR barcode on the shelf label to see what people are saying. You can determine whether the product is worth purchasing or not. You can post a photo once you log in, whether you are delighted or not with this product. If you don't want to wait in line, you can also pay online. Some stores will even deliver to your home in under an hour.

Customers can provide feedback to the supermarket. Improve their customer service and product selection. Make sure you don't lose customers because you don't know why.

Furthermore, after users check-in, they can access big data in order to receive push adverts based on their shopping history. For example, every month in the middle of the month, you send out advertisements for shampoo. Alternatively, some fresh vegetables every evening. You are a constant reminder of your consumers' daily lives, and they appreciate it.

How can you get your supermarket to invest in electronic shelf labels?

You don't need to invest; your sponsor would be delighted to help you.

You can suggest a good strategy to quadruple their sales by letting more people know about their product's narrative. Display their brand and logo on all of their items to assist develop a strong image and attract more fans. All they have to do is purchase an electronic shelf label from your supermarket.

Then you gather all of the sponsors' money to install electronic shelf labels in your supermarket, and you've created a win-win situation.

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electronic shelf label
electronic shelf label

Electronic shelf labels act as data collectors, recording when and where items were sold, at what price, and how many pieces were sold.

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