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RFID Smart Labels

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RFID Smart labels

RFID Smart labels are the replacement of common barcode labels 

 RFID smart labels are no visual contact is necessary to read and write the data content, UHF RFID smart labels can be recorded ‘in parallel’ (bulk).

Compared to the common barcode, the RFID smart label does not need contact or visual, It can transmit and receive signals penetrate various materials (cardboard, wood, plastic, clothing fabrics)

In some cases, the detection of RFID-equipped objects is up to 20 times faster than with the barcode. RFID Smart label is waterproof and dust-proof, it can be read even if it is dirty. 

The RFID smart label with impressive advantages with reliability and flexibility, so Almost all European manufacturing and transport companies rely on RFID smart labels to optimize logistical processes.

The RFID Smart Labels, the data carrier is not a barcode, but an integrated microchip embedded between two thin, glued layers of paper. All relevant data is stored on this microchip. By means of an antenna connected to the microchip, which is integrated into the Smart Label, the data can be transmitted to the respective readers via electromagnetic waves and read by them. No battery is required to supply the RFID label with power, as the required energy is taken from the field of the reader. Basically, the RFID Smart Label is nothing more than a transponder – it is a radio communication device that receives incoming signals in general and answers them automatically. Even more precisely, the RFID Smart Label is a special form of passive transponder, since the Smart Label draws the energy required for communication and processing of internal processes exclusively from the field of the transceiver. Accordingly, the microchip used is inexpensive in mass production. This leads to acceptable prices for the RFID Smart Label with good performance. Radiofrequency waves can penetrate materials. Therefore, the RFID  label does not have to be applied outside the object to be marked. It can also be placed inside the packaging of the respective product or behind an adhesive foil to protect the label and especially the microchips.

RFID Smart label manufacturer 

DO RFID tag manufacturer able produced the 125khz, 13.56mhz and UHF RFID smart labels. 

D.O RFID tag factory able design the RFID label inlay and embed the RFID tag inlay in the die-cut label, we manufacturing high-quality RFID smart label tag, as we work with the leading manufacturers of RFID inlays, such as Avery Dennison, SmartTrac, Rafsec, and Alien.

More importantly, we help you identify the best way to put RFIDs into your labels without compromising design. We work with the leading manufacturers of RFID inlays, such as Avery Dennison, SmartTrac, Rafsec, and Alien. 

D.O RFID tag manufacturer produced the blank RFID smart label and pre-printed RFID label Meet ISO 9001-2000 process standards to ensure the absolute highest quality and consistency 

As an approved vendor with the biggest retailers, such as Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Target, Safeway and others, we’re experienced in meeting all retail requirements. We help you through the complexities of RFID orders, help you improve your inventory and deliver RFID labels (or any other pressure-sensitive labels) that fit your products. All while providing an excellent customer experience.

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