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Bamboo Business Cards

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Bamboo business cards are made out of Authentic Bamboo with excellent grain, knots, and tones that are definitely authentic.

What is the Bamboo business card ?

Bamboo business cards are made out of  Authentic Bamboo with excellent grain, knots, and tones that are definitely authentic.

It has an uncoated texture and feels and functions like soft card stock.

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on the globe, and it can re-grow from the same plant after it has been harvested (over a meter of growth in one day is a typical result).

Bamboo is an excellent choice for a business card because it can be recycled in the same way that paper from trees can. Teak business cards, Birch business cards, Alder business cards, and Basswood business cards are also available.

Using our photographic grade print method, print any color, logo, text, photo, or graphic in full-color right onto bamboo business cards.

Because each piece of wood or bamboo has a distinct grain pattern, each card we make is truly one-of-a-kind.

We provide Laser Cut and Etched Bamboo Business Cards, which are ideal for attracting attention for special promotions or boutique enterprises.

Both sides of the bamboo grain are sanded smooth, and the card can be etched as a single or double-sided card. These bamboo business cards are both attractive and powerful. Both portrait and landscape orientations are permissible and will be used in accordance with your artwork.

Welcome to personalize the bamboo business card; delivery time varies depending on the location and complexity of the design.

What is the bamboo NFC business card ?

Our goal is to cut down on the amount of paper we use as much as feasible. Our NFC Business Card is composed of actual bamboo, a renewable material that continues to grow at a rapid rate.

A reprogrammable NFC chip is hidden inside each NFC bamboo business card and is not visible from either side. We'll laser engrave your name or business name in an exquisite cursive on the front of the card, or custom it as your request.

Customers can get information from you by merely tapping their smartphone against your bamboo NFC business card.

There will be no more stacks of business cards to purchase. Instead, utilizing breakthrough contactless technology, this unique way to exchange your information will surprise your friends and clients while also making a statement about your company. It fits perfectly in any wallet and may be used indefinitely.

NFC bamboo business card Features

3 14 inch x 2 18 inch

The thickness of a credit card is less than 1 millimeter thick.

You can alter the contents of the reprogrammable NFC chip at any time. Scans are available indefinitely.

Engraved with a laser on actual wood

It's about the same weight as a plastic credit card.

How do you custom bamboo business cards?

1. The file types that are required are vector files. We can engrave from an image, but a vector file is the best option for maintaining the maximum resolution.

2. On a 2D plane, we can carve any shape you can imagine. You may make it as intricate as you want. It's important to keep in mind that cutting a circle within a circle isn't an option. The laser, for example, sees the letter O as two circles (one within the other), so laser cutting the O's outside circle will cut away the entire shape, leaving a hole. As a result, anything inside a closed curve will be discarded. Details inside the closed O shape will not appear on the finished shape. Although this may seem self-evident to many, it is commonly and easily forgotten when designing.

3. For the greatest results, think of laser engraving in terms of solid black and white. The material is white and the engraving is black. We can perform gradients, but they take a lot longer and are more expensive. Furthermore, the effects might vary widely from one design to the next; some may be worth the extra effort, but many will appear faded.

4. Keep in mind that laser engraving is not the same as printing. The laser is a directed heat source that burns/etches away a layer of material (since it is not printing, it cannot engrave colors – we will add this option soon as it is frequently requested, but it is now unavailable). We can modify the parameters to burn a deeper layer of material, which results in a darker engraving, or a shallower layer, which results in a lighter engraving. One may function better than the other depending on the design. We will try to provide instances to demonstrate this.

5. business cards made of bamboo The cost is determined by the logo and the material used, with birch and PVC being easily available at moderate prices and producing relatively consistent results. Bamboo is reliant on suppliers, which can be difficult to come by. Other woods, such as walnut, cherry, maple, and a lengthy list of others, can be ordered on a special basis.

Welcome to contact us to get price list if you want to buy bamboo business card or wood business cards.

If you want to ask anything just fill in the form below and send us. We will contact you within 12 hours.

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Bamboo business cards are made out of Authentic Bamboo with excellent grain, knots, and tones that are definitely authentic.

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