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Wood Business Card

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Wood business cards are very simple to print and can be done at home. However, large-scale printing necessitates the use of CNC laser machines and UV printers.

Why wood business card 

Because everyone in modern life is preoccupied with his or her business and job, it is impossible to conduct frequent physical contracts. To compensate for the lack of time, we need business cards to introduce ourselves and our business, so here comes the wooden business card, which we can exchange during social interaction and short meetings.

These business cards are for the recipient's convenience, as he can go through them when he has free time and learns about you and your company; additionally, as long as the business card is with the recipient, the details about your company and your personal information will remain in his memory.

As a result, these business cards serve as a means of communication between you and your recipient. This method of contact and connection is used equally by businessmen, professionals, and politicians to maintain relationships with those who are supporters, clients, or business partners.

Until recently, paper business cards were widely used. However, in order to stand out, prominent businessmen and professionals are now opting for wood business cards. It is a novel way of introducing yourself and your profession or business in order to capture the attention of your client. If you arrange to print catchy sentences on the card, it will become very appealing.

It is now necessary to obtain wood business cards in order to stand out prominently among your competitors or colleagues in the profession.

The wood business cards will not only introduce you in a unique way but will also efficiently represent your business activity. In a market teeming with your business rivals, you have the advantage to stand out and have enough room to perform well.

More than 50 different types of wood are used to make wood business cards. Kiri wood, Cherry wood, Mahogany wood, Red Cedarwood, and Walnut wood are the most common woods used in the production of real wood business cards. These woods each have their own specialty and uniqueness when it comes to making business cards. Ceiba wood, birch wood, is the lightest in color and has a textured feel. Cherry, Mahogany, and Silky Oak are dark in color and appear opulent. These business cards exude elegance and one-of-a-kindness. You can also get custom wood business cards made to your specifications.

Wood business cards are very simple to print and can be done at home. However, large-scale printing necessitates the use of CNC laser machines and UV printers.

Wood Business Cards

With our genuine Wooden Business Cards, you can capture that rustic charm. Because of the unique grain and texture of the wood, no two cards are alike! Our Birch, Cherry, and Walnut options provide a wide range of natural wood tones to complement your message. Our Wooden Business Cards are incredibly versatile and will add a refined sense of nature to your business.

The wood card can be made from a variety of wood materials.

birch wood business card.jpg

Natural Birch 

This stock has a light shade and a more subtle wood grain, making it an excellent choice for brightly colored artwork.

Natural Cherry 

This option has a stronger wood grain pattern and is a medium wood shade in a unique cherry color.

Natural Walnut 

This darker brown wood shade is appropriate for dark-colored designs. For the best results, use black ink or white foil.

Wood business cards are an excellent way to stand out and leave a lasting impression. Please take a look at our various wood business cards.

Birch Wood Business Cards – Birch is our lightest available wood color. The grain of this cream-colored wood is soft. Birch, which has a similar appearance to Balsa wood, has more definition with its long grain and is a stronger wood.

Kiri wood Business Cards – Kiri is an excellent choice for a rustic look. We source real Kiri wood that is biodegradable and recyclable in a sustainable manner. Kiri is our second lightest wood color.

Cherry Wood Business Cards – Another of our lighter wood types is cherry wood. It has a warm, distinct tone and grain that many people adore.

Why should you order custom Wood Business Cards from us?

Wooden business cards evoke a classic tradition that only mother nature can provide. Do you give out cards that feel cheap and look the same as every other card you see? Are you looking for a high-end, one-of-a-kind business card? Your card will never be lost in the shuffle or thrown away again. Our wood laser engraved business cards and wood UV printed business cards are ideal for builders, carpenters, woodworkers, designers, and anyone else looking for a one-of-a-kind item. With wood business cards, you can make a long-lasting impression. Wedding invitations, signs, hangtags, and other items are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

When the wood is engraved, it reveals a darker color grain underneath. Alternatively, we can print in full color on the wood. Our cards are 3/32′′ thick (roughly the thickness of two credit cards) and made of biodegradable, sustainable wood. Most other companies' wooden business cards are only a thin veneer, not much thicker than a traditional paper business card. We only use the best materials available, and you can tell when you hold our cards. They have a nice aesthetic feel to them as well as a rustic charm to them. These cards are ideal for anyone looking for a natural look with a touch of class. Plastic business cards, metal business cards, and NFC business cards are also available.

Our wood business cards are available in a variety of wood species. Each was chosen with care due to its distinct coloration and properties. Each card is carved from a larger sheet, giving it a distinct grain and character. Choose your favorite or divide the batch among two or more types at no additional cost.

UV-printed wood business cards

Uv printing is mostly used for large-scale color printing. A UV printer is similar to a regular printer. This printer is used to print on objects rather than paper; we can directly insert wood or any other object into the printing slot and instruct the printer to print a specific design.

CNC laser machine printing on wood business cards

CNC laser engraving and cutting machine. We simply feed the design into the printing machine, along with the command to engrave or cut the design. The machine produces very accurate laser engraved wood business cards, and the printing work is attractive. It is the most common type of printing on wood business cards.

Shapes for custom wood business cards

We can not only cut through the wooden business card, but we can also change the shape of the card by removing wood from the perimeter. There is no additional charge as long as the desired shape fits within the dimensions of a standard card.

Wooden business cards that are biodegradable and compostable

In addition to being completely biodegradable and compostable, the veneer and core used in the production of our wooden business cards are sourced from managed forests. Furthermore, because we use light to etch the design rather than ink to print it, no harmful chemicals are used.

custom wood card.jpg

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Wood business cards are very simple to print and can be done at home. However, large-scale printing necessitates the use of CNC laser machines and UV printers.

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