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Custom Metal Business Cards

  • *Material:metal
  • *Color:gold
  • *Size:ISO CR80

These custom engraved metal business cards are visually and physically striking, with vivid, durable colors that your prospects and clients will not quickly forget (like regular business cards).

Custom metal business cards are one-of-a-kind, unforgettable metal business cards.

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Why you have to buy customized metal business cards?

The goal of any entrepreneur and business owner in a saturated market is to stand out from the crowd. But, with many of your competitors having a larger advertising and marketing budget than you, how can you draw attention and stand out from the crowd? The greatest method to grab attention, make the perfect first impression, and contact individuals looking for your products and services is to find a point of distinction, something distinctive that sets you apart from the competition. And what's more distinctive than metal business cards?

Metal business cards are not new, but they are a strong method to market your company in a unique way that makes a statement and reflects your company's worth and class. Stainless steel business cards that are high-quality, fresh, and one-of-a-kind will show the receiver – and everyone else who sees them – what you mean by business. Business cards are a vital emblem of entrepreneurship and economic activity, as well as a marketing and networking tool for your business. There isn't a single firm that can function without them! They act as a representative of you and your firm in everyday interactions with clients and potential partners, as well as providing important information about your company and contact information. A well-designed and informative business card is the first step toward establishing commercial relationships and financial success.

The high-quality metal business cards last a long time and are resistant to daily wear and tear. Metal business cards are unique and distinctive for individuals who need to show a professional image to their clientele.

These custom engraved metal business cards are visually and physically striking, with vivid, durable colors that your prospects and clients will not quickly forget (like regular business cards).

Custom metal business cards are one-of-a-kind, unforgettable metal business cards.

Metal business cards that have been laser sliced Create a positive first impression.

Rounded corners with smooth edges, fully anodized, even edges, laser etching is a permanent, smooth imprint that will not wear off or fade over time.

How much do custom metal business cards cost?

Metal business cards are more expensive to create than paper business cards because they require more tooling. When features like etching and laser cutting are incorporated, they usually cost between -6 per card. Stainless steel business cards are available in a variety of price points.

What is the metal card printing

metal card printing.jpg

Metal business cards are created by a printing process that uses CMUK colors and gold or silver foil. The ultimate product is a shiny business card that shimmers and glitters. Typically, these cards are printed on paper cardstock rather than metal.

We can do more for your Metal Business Cards than just printing effects.

Etching customs unique card look

Only for our metal cards are we recording. It creates a slightly embedded effect with a matte finish when used on our stainless steel cards. It's a striking blend of a spot color and a gorgeous and sumptuous finish for details and design on our metal cards

Custom metal card spot color

Laser engraving creates a one-of-a-kind look. The laser burns the required design into our metal plates, giving an intriguing finish with varied shades of color depending on the surface cut. The resulting result, for example, on our uncoated black duplex cards is a deep "golden" indentation. Our stainless metal and gold cards have silver and bronze finishes, while our black metal cards have silver and bronze finishes.

Custom metal cards support variable data

Metal cards can be spot-colored to add solid, brilliant hues. Spot coloring integrates well with etching for the best results, but it can also be self-contained with the correct design. Painted metal cards can be customized with logos or a unique hue.

Custom metal cards for a luxurious finish

Your cards can be put up in a variety of ways thanks to pressure cutting. With our metal cards, you can create both basic and complicated designs with accuracy and fine detail, resulting in an attractive and elegant finish. Use it to add a unique shape to the rounded corners of cards or to embellish the inside of the card design.

Prism and frost Decoration

Our premium assortment of black metal cards features distinct prism and front textures that are attractively textured and fingerprint-resistant. Micro geometric designs can be created with the prism finish, and the frost-resistant finish gives the card a beautiful texture. Our magnificent black metal cards with prism or frost-resistant surfaces are a striking and stylish statement.

Custom Metal Business Cards need ariable data

You can discern distinct details on each card thanks to the changeable data. A business card for numerous people with the identical logos and address info, or a member card with a different member number on each card, are two examples. Our metal cards support variable data and can be laser etched or dotted.

Custom Metal Business Cards have mirror finish

There are three different finishes available for our metal cards. Our gold, rose gold, and stainless steel cards have a gorgeous and sumptuous finish thanks to the mirror finish, which creates a highly reflecting and polished surface. The ultimate product is elegant and spectacular thanks to the mirror finish.


- The mirror finish is less scratch and stain resistant.

– Engravings or cross-sections on a large portion of the card are recommended for optimal results.

- Both sides of the cardboard might have different surface qualities (only one finish on each side).

Original finish Metal Business Cards

Our stainless steel card warehouse has the original finish. It is not as reflective as the mirror finish, but it has a distinct "metallic" appearance and a lovely sheen. It has a finish similar to that of most high-end stainless steel appliances and tools.


– We recommend using the original finish on cards with a lot of unpainted areas because it is more scratch-resistant than the mirror finish.

– This offer is only valid on our stainless steel cards.

- The surface finishes on both sides of the cards can be different (only one finish on each side).

Customized brushed finish make metal business cards high end

The brushed finish is the third type of finish available in our metal card collection. As a result, the entire gross surface of the board is covered with an extremely fine line brush pattern. It's perfect for business cards that have a lot of etching.


- Metal cards are the only ones that will work.

- Both sides of the card might have different surface roughness (only one surface etching on each side).

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These custom engraved metal business cards are visually and physically striking, with vivid, durable colors that your prospects and clients will not quickly forget (like regular business cards).

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