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Polyimide Copper UHF RFID inlay

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he Polyimide Copper UHF RFID Inlay stands out as an innovative solution designed to meet the most demanding tracking and identification needs.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, the Polyimide Copper UHF RFID Inlay stands out as an innovative solution designed to meet the most demanding tracking and identification needs. With its combination of cutting-edge materials, superior construction, and UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) capabilities, this RFID inlay is set to transform the way industries manage their assets and products.


Key Features:

Polyimide Durability: The inlay is constructed with Polyimide, a highly durable and flexible material known for its exceptional resistance to heat, chemicals, and mechanical stress. This ensures the inlay's longevity and reliability in various environments.

Etching Copper Antenna: The inlay features an etching copper antenna, renowned for its high conductivity and efficiency in transmitting and receiving UHF signals. This antenna design enhances the inlay's read range and overall performance.

UHF RFID Technology: Operating in the UHF frequency range, typically between 860MHz to 960MHz, this inlay offers an extended read range, making it suitable for applications where long-distance identification and tracking are crucial.

Customizable Size: The inlay comes in various size options, including 15*25mm, 9*19mm, 12*12mm, 70*9.5mm, or can be customized to meet specific project requirements. This flexibility ensures compatibility with a wide range of applications.

High-Temperature Resistance: The Polyimide Copper UHF RFID Inlay is engineered to withstand high temperatures, boasting a remarkable resistance of up to 280℃. This feature makes it ideal for use in extreme heat conditions without compromising performance.

RFID Protocol Support: The inlay supports multiple RFID protocols, including ISO14443A, ISO15693, and ISO18000-6C, ensuring compatibility with various RFID systems and applications.

Versatile ICs: Choose from a range of integrated circuit (IC) options, including Mifare Ultralight EV1, NTAG213, ICODE SLIX, Mifare 1k EV1, Alien Higgs3, or others, based on your specific project requirements.

Customization Options: Tailor the inlay to your unique needs with optional features such as adhesive backing for labels, ferrite for metal tags, and other customizations, allowing for seamless integration into your application.


The Polyimide Copper UHF RFID Inlay finds a wide range of applications across various industries, including but not limited to:

Inventory Management: Streamline inventory tracking and management processes, particularly in large-scale warehouses and distribution centers.

Supply Chain: Enhance supply chain visibility by using the inlay to track products and shipments throughout the distribution network.

Asset Tracking: Improve asset management and tracking in industries such as logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Access Control: Utilize the inlay for secure access control systems, ensuring authorized personnel gain entry to restricted areas.

Retail: Enhance retail operations with improved product tracking, inventory accuracy, and anti-theft measures.

Healthcare: Implement the inlay for tracking medical equipment, supplies, and patient records, ensuring efficient healthcare operations.

Logistics and Transportation: Enable efficient tracking of cargo and shipments, optimizing logistics and transportation operations.

Smart Packaging: Incorporate the inlay into smart packaging solutions for real-time monitoring of product conditions during transit.

Customized Solutions: Explore custom applications across various industries, leveraging the inlay's flexibility and high-performance capabilities.

In a world where precision, durability, and efficiency are paramount, the Polyimide Copper UHF RFID Inlay from DO RFID TAG MANUFACTURER emerges as a versatile and reliable solution, offering endless possibilities for businesses seeking to enhance their tracking and identification processes. Whether in logistics, healthcare, retail, or beyond, this inlay is poised to revolutionize the way you manage and monitor your assets and products.

ProtocolISO14443A, ISO15693, ISO18000-6C
Frequency13.56MHz, 860MHz-960MHz
Integrated Circuits (ICs)Mifare Ultralight EV1, NTAG213, ICODE SLIX, Mifare 1k EV1, Desfire  Ev1, or other options
AntennaEtching copper
Size OptionsHF: diam 8mm,15*25mm, 9*19mm, 12*12mm, UHF :45*8.5mm or customized
ThicknessInlay: 0.15+-0.01mm, Chip: 0.60+-0.05mm
Temperature Range-30℃ to +120℃
Read/Write Cycles100,000 cycles
OptionsWith glue for label,With ferrite for metal tag,Other customized options available

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Polyimide Copper UHF RFID inlay
Polyimide Copper UHF RFID inlay

he Polyimide Copper UHF RFID Inlay stands out as an innovative solution designed to meet the most demanding tracking and identification needs.

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