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D.O RFID TAG company is a RFID card manufacturers & factory, professional RFID card manufacturers , NFC tags suppliers and RFID Wristband company in shenzhen china for 15 years — Source Quality Products and Enjoy Efficient Service.

Custom Smart Cards

Whether your smart cards work as a corporate ID access badge  or access cards for your hospitality brand we can help you design and custom your unique smart card concept. Corporate ID access badges card can convey an employee name and picture plus utilizing the backside of the card and printing emergency code card tips. Hospitality access cards can amplify the guest experience from the moment they step on the property. The access smart card can be custom printed to promote a specific area of the hotel or resort like the spa, pool or dining area as well as enhance the emotional impact of a special event or conference on-site.


DO RFID tag manufacturer is experts in smart cards and secure technologies, we work with clients around the world every day, personalizing millions of smart cards each year. With over 15 years of card production and smart card personalization experience.


DO RFID tag manufacturer has engineered an impressive portfolio of customer-centric smart card services and solutions. Personalizing cards from the inside out, we work closely with clients on a case by case basis to meet unique needs and to ensure that cards look and function as intended within existing or new systems.


Custom smart cards that establish your brand in the most elegant way leaving a lasting impression from the moment a guest arrives on your property. Access cards are a perfect solution for hotels, hospitals, office buildings, businesses with large campuses and multiple buildings, schools, government offices, and more where security matters. Highly resistant to scratching, our composite plastic access cards have a polished, professional look that will reflect positively on your brand.


Customized smart Cards


Convey a first-class, professional image

Available with a magnetic stripe, RFID chip, or other proximity or contactless smart cards

Vivid, full-color printing

Highly durable graphic quality PVC core

Variable data personalization including names and numbering

Compatible with most major key card door lock brands

Cross Promotion – Image is Everything


We also offers card personalization solution for the customer.


Electronic Personalization

Personalizes smart cards with fixed or variable data, keys, serial numbers, and other information.


Data Loading

 we load a wide variety of digital information from biographical data (e.g. first name, last name, date of birth) to biometrics, emergency health records, and more.


Magnetic Stripe Encoding

Magnetic stripe encoding is an option for either high or low coercivity cards. Our magnetic stripe smart cards can be encoded to the specifications set by leading manufacturers of automated banking and hotel equipment for tracks 1,2,3.


Barcode Printing

We support the 2/5, 3/9, 128-A,B,C, telepen, EAN 8, UPC-A, E, EAN 128, MSI, and ITF barcode formats. Please consult your sales representative for additional details.


Dye Sublimation Printing

This type of printing is great for logos and/or user names and addresses on pre-printed cards (with up to 300 DPI resolution).


Color Photo ID Printing

For mandatory photo applications, such as ID badging.


Inkjet Printing

It provides a low resolution and low-cost option for serialization and is available on larger production runs.


Card Shaping and Punching

Key tags, GSM SIM punching, and tether/badge holes are standard options. Almost any custom shape is possible.


Holograms and Overlays

Offered in either metallic foil or polyester overlays to increase security.


Signature Panels

Some applications require additional external methods to verify personal identification. A writeable panel accommodates a user signature and can also be used for entering hand written authorization codes or other dynamic user data.


Scratch-Off Panels

Are especially effective in protecting preloaded PINs and or other customer specific data. A scratch-off panel can be applied to dye-sublimation printing and accommodate up to 10 digits.


Tipping and Embossing

Card embossing is provided in the standard banking point sizes and font. Tipping is offered in silver or gold and is applied to the embossed characters to make them more readable.



Laser Engraving/Indenting

Laser Engraving is the burning or removing of material (known as ablation) from plastic in order to create images, text, or machine-readable barcodes.




Holograms display images that shift when the viewing angle is changed. They can be embedded or laminated onto the card after printing.

RFID Products

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Washable RFID tag RFID Laundry tag manufacturers

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FID based totally laundry management system, which presents an extremely good answer to trace the garments in the course of its entire cycle of its arrival in the laundry to its dispatch.

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RFID chips for laundry RFID management system laundry and RFID solution

The RFID laundry tag includes a small RFID chip and an antenna, and is passively powered by using the reader/writer when positioned a couple inches away. RFID chips for laundry come in a wide range of IC's such as Mifare, ICODE1, ICODE2 ,UHF and more. ...

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NXP NTAG 424 DNA NFC Tags NTAG 424 DNA price

This NFC tag with that NXP NTAG 424 DNA chips, strengthening DO RFID group's radio-frequency identification (RFID) offerings that provide security for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Instagram NFC Tag

Instagram NFC Tag,You can put this NFC tag up to make sure people find your Instagram profile.

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The NTAG 413 DNA delivers security and authentication without the need for the end-user to download an app.

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