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Face recognition temperature measurement terminal

Temperature Monitoring, Identification & Personnel Tracking Solutions


Providing Businesses with Enhanced Safety & Accountability Methods for COVID-19

we researched new ways to bring employees back to work and customers back to establishments safely.  temperature scanning kiosk assists with secure identification and personnel management for businesses, venues, and public establishments:


Non-Contact face recognition temperature measurement

Fast, Secure Access to Temperature Logs & Data

Secure Enterprise Device Management Systems

ID Card Access Solutions


Temperature measurement face recognition terminal Solution

We are working diligently to enhance our technology and service offerings to bring employees back to work safely following the COVID-19 pandemic. Temperature scanning kiosk Display Solution utilizes Linux tablets, advanced thermal detection sensors, and facial recognition cameras to read body temperatures and quickly identify staff. Combined with intuitive software, businesses can directly identify potential personnel safety threats and help mitigate large-scale exposure


Features and benefits of our face recognition temperature scanner Solution:

Instantly identify staff and visitors as they enter your facility through facial recognition

Identify if each person is wearing a mask

Provide instant, no-touch body temperature scans for every person to permit entry and identify possible virus symptoms

Program an optional alarm or notification on the device when a person with an elevated body temperature attempts to enter

Securely track and monitor data for every entry

Provide peace of mind for your staff and customers

Provide accountability and insight for business operations

Face recognition temperature measurement terminal Models

The Face recognition temperature measurement terminal is available in three standard models. However, we can customize stand and base options based on specific needs. We also recommend incorporating hand sanitizing and personal disinfectant protocols at each station. You can add a hand sanitizer dispenser directly to the podium unit or mount next to a wall unit at each entryway.

Wall Mount (Base Unit)

Table Stand

Podium Kiosk Model

Professional Services & Support

To assist your organization in reaching new levels of productivity, efficiency, and accuracy you need a true partner – not just a vendor.

we provide a broad range of professional services to offer our customers a complete and technology solution. We want to make sure you fully understand how to use your hardware, software, and technology systems and get the most out of your investment. Some of our most popular services include deployment, device management, support, and wireless services.

Temperature Detection Display & Facial Recognition Kiosk Solution

Identify staff and visitors as they enter your facility through facial recognition while providing a quick and accurate temperature scan to permit entry. Gain instant access to secure data for temperature logs, personnel, visitor, and device management.

face recognition infrared thermometer podium Unit

Designed to provide instant temperature verification of anyone entering a facility with no contact scanning and precise accuracy within a half of degree.


Facial recognition provides personnel identification, supporting the detection and tracking of multiple people simultaneously.


Incorporate hand sanitizing and personal disinfectant checkpoints in designated areas by mounting a dispenser directly to the podium.

Tabletop Stand Temperature Detection Display Kiosk

Use a tabletop stand to monitor incoming staff, visitors, or customers, in lobby entryways and reception areas.


Incorporate hand sanitizing and personal disinfectant checkpoints next to each tabletop display to promote good hygiene and workplace safety.

Wall Mount (Base Unit) Temperature Detection Display

The base unit can be wall-mounted at entryways or various access points within an organization to monitor and grant access to specific locations.


Mount hand sanitizer dispensers next to the wall mount display units and provide personal disinfectant stations next to security checkpoints.


Data Tracking for Personnel & Visitors

Device & System Management Solutions

Provide accountability by tracking personnel, visitors, devices, and more during each entry.


The software automatically provides access to information and configuration for all temperature scanning display units connected to your system. Perform single, multiple, and grouping management operations for each device with ease.

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