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temperature scanning kiosk

 Improve employee safety & reduce risk

Enterprise features for multiple locations

Rapid, 1-second scan time

Highly accurate results


temperature scanning kiosk Details


Concerns over the compounded spread of bacterial and viral illnesses have caused organizations. New procedures request for symptom assessments for all individuals entering a facility to prevent the sick from compromising the health of others. The Enterprise temperature scanning kiosk is a fast, effective solution to both deter and detect infected employees or visitors, denying access to anyone that does not pass screening requirements. Equipped with infrared thermal imaging and fast temperature detection, our touch-free terminals detect an abnormal temperature that indicates a sickness such as a coronavirus. With a thermal-scanning device, you can maintain a safe and healthy environment, instilling confidence in the people that pass through your doors.


The Enterprise Temperature Detection Kiosk is uniquely prepared to adjust to corporate-level applications that require the flexibility for expansion. 


Screening employees or visitors for signs of fever is at the top of health screening guidelines. Our Temperature scanning kiosks are positioned on a 60-inch pedestal stand, so they can be set-up anywhere gated access is required. Conveniently at eye-level, pedestal terminals offer an effective method for keeping sick people out of your building.


The thermal sensor on the pedestal temperature scanners has been tested thoroughly, with a confirmed temperature variance within only +/-0.9 degrees Fahrenheit. Individuals can stand at a comfortable distance from the kiosk, since reading can occur from up to 3 feet, 4 inches away (1 meter). Regardless of the threshold, you are testing for, this device has you covered - it can detect a temperature range as low as 50 Deg F up to 107.6 Deg F. See results at-a-glance on a crisp, 8-inch (800 x 1280) LCD screen that is equipped with an industrial-class, 2-megapixel binocular camera, and a thermal imaging module. Paired with an LED and IR dual flood light, the temperature scanner can detect temperature and faces even in poor lighting conditions.


Avoiding contact with surfaces is the best way to prevent the spread of viruses. The Temperature Screening Terminal is a hands-free, contactless device. Scan time is hard to beat - the device reads an individual's temperature in approximately 1 second. When the scanner detects a temperature above your threshold, an automatic alarm will activate and display on the screen.

Additional Access Control Features

Our temperature reading terminals offer additional features that may be enabled if your facility utilizes an access control system. Additional set-up is required and is managed by the customer.


Live Facial recognition: Scan for facial recognition that matches an employee, even while wearing a medical face mask!


temperature scanning kiosk solutions offer many features that are not pre-configured on the device.

it  includes the implementation and configuration of many options and integrations, including: 


Email notifications  

Door access integration

Elevated temperature alarm thresholds  

Ensuring the solution is set up in a space that accounts for environmental variables, such as room temperature, humidity, backgrounds, drafts, and lighting

Compensation for temperature variations  

Body temperature settings 

Mask detection 

Taking and storing pictures (on or off) 

Data storage planning and security 

Similarity settings for facial recognition 

Stranger alarm (on or off) and configuring alerts that works with facial recognition  

Three different relay modes and delays  

Personalization of the display 

Voice commands 

Password settings

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