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face recognition temperature detection

The face recognition temperature detection is AI Face Recognition & Temperature Monitoring Machine (Mask recognition detection & IR temperature measurement  ), it adopts Rockchip RK3288 high-performance hardware platform, industrial-grade binocular camera and face recognition, as well as infrared thermal imaging technology, it can easily recognize faces wearing masks for attendance. AI Face Recognition System supports card reading, fingerprint input, and other functions, which can be applied to the temperature security and the fast physical examination gate channels / channeled to achieve safe and efficient access control.



It can be matched with corresponding brackets according to different application scenarios, such as different height stand column brackets, which can adapt to different places.


It can be applied for communities, business buildings, schools, hotels, scenic spots, transportation hubs and other public service places.

Main Features

 8 inches IPS full-view HD LCD display, no streaking and delay

 Industrial-grade appearance, IP65, certain outdoor dustproof and waterproof functions

 Standard class 30, 000 face matching library, 1: 1 recognition rate >99.97%,1: N recognition rate>96.7%, @0.1% false positive rate, living accuracy rate >98.3%, @1% false rejection rate, recognition speed < 200ms.

 Binocular live anti-counterfeiting function, anti-deception such as photos and videos

 Support mask recognition detection, automatic recognition and voice reminder for non-wearing masks

 Industrial grade binocular width dynamic camera, infrared and RGB dual fill light, low light recognition worry-free.

 The high-performance hardware platform, support RK3288 Quad-core, RK3399 Six-core, and Qualcomm MSM8953 Octa-core processor

 Support body temperature measurement and high-temperature alarm, deviation 0.2℃ for 1meter long-distance body temperature detection, recognition speed less than 0.7 seconds without queuing.

 Support IC card, ID card, fingerprint, QR code verification functions

 Support multiple API docking, system, APP, APP+background network, complete documentation provided, and support secondary development.

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