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High Quality and Cost-Effective RFID Nail Tags

DO RFID tag manufacturer has been meeting the needs of RFID and NFC solutions for the past 19 years. In business since 2003, we use the best acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene materials for the production of high quality RFID nail tags, and we offer a wide range of custom tags. This includes custom logos, screen printing and laser engraving printing. The high quality of our tags allows you to use them for a wide range of general applications.

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DO RFID Group: Your professional RFID Nail tag supplier in China

Our years of experience, professional design and production, and maintaining reasonable prices make us the first choice for international buyers of RFID nail tags.

You can rely on DO RFID TAG manufacturer to produce RFID Naill tags. We provide the best precision molds and sealing process for the smooth completion of our products.

We comply with global rules and regulations for RFID nail tag production, manufacturing and inspection procedures.

DO RFD tag factory produces RFID nail tags with a wide range of personalization options that you can use in different applications. You get quality tags that are strong, durable, and widely available to us.

Unlike others, DO RFD can provide free samples for you to fully test in real-world applications, and customers only need to pay for shipping.

DO RFID manufacturer offers superior service in the production and supply of RFID nail tags. These tags demonstrate the superior capabilities of RFID and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene.

RFID nail tags with RFID technoloy make it possible to digitize and track them, while the ABS material is very strong, long-lasting, and most importantly, our RFID nail tags are exceptionally cost effective.

DO RFID's RFID nail tags can perform well under any problematic conditions. Our tags are

uniquely built with replaceable and repairable facilities. Purchase from us for one year and you can benefit from alternative strategies.

Go ahead and contact us at enquiry@dorfidtag.com to get all your requests answered!

our RFID nail tag types

We offer you the best ABS RFID nail tags, tree RFID nail tags, 13.56MHz RFID nail tags.

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RFID Nail Tags - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

RFID Technology in Wood Property Management and Tree Identification

Continue to be impressed. By providing unparalleled asset tracking and accurate inventory, RFID nail tags are now a necessity for most businesses dealing with wood or non-metal equipment. Your Business.

What is an RFID Nail Tag?

RFID nail tags are special smart tags that are carved like nails and can be installed in wooden items, trees or other solid products for electronic data collection. They will mount to wooden assets and are difficult to unmount. Our RFID nail tags rely on radio frequency identification to collect and transmit digital data for asset management and inventory holding.

The rigidity and heavy-duty nature of the RFID nail tag housing provides unparalleled resistance to harsh weather and operating conditions such as hammering.DO RFID's RFID nail tags offer impeccable productivity, thereby increasing the efficiency of your business.

What are the essential features of RFID nail tags?

RFID nail tags are unique electronic tags made for exclusive use. They are widely known for their resilience and durability in the construction and wood shipping industries.

RFID nail tags can be identified by the following features.

Quick and easy installation.

RFID nail tags are very easy and straightforward to deploy in the wooden appliance or container you want. Because of their rigidity, they can be hammered into a piece of wood or placed in a drilled hole.

Extremely durable.

The tough and impenetrable nature of the RFID nail tag coating provides the user with the best performance level for long-term applications.

Water and rust resistant.

RFID nail tags will not rust or record reduced productivity levels when exposed to wet or rusty environments. This is very beneficial for users who deploy RFID nail tags in outdoor environments.

What are RFID Nail Tags?

RFID Nail tags are special smart tags that are sharp like nails and easy to nail into wooden items, trees or other solid products for electronic data collection. They are mounted on wooden assets and are very strong and difficult to remove. Our RFID Nail tags rely on radio frequency identification to collect and transmit digital data for asset management and inventory holding.

The rigid and heavy-duty nature of the RFID Nail tag housing provides unmatched resistance to harsh weather and operating conditions, such as hammering.

What are the essential features of RFID nail tags?

RFID Nail Tags are unique electronic tags made for specific applications. It is small in size and very durable, making it ideal for applications in the construction and wood shipping industries.

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Features of RFID nail tags.

Quick and easy installation.

RFID nail tags are very easy and straightforward to nail into the wooden appliance or container you want. Due to their rigidity, they can be hammered into a piece of wood or placed in a drilled hole.

Extremely durable.

The hard and impenetrable nature of the RFID nail tag coating makes it long-lasting and stable.

Water and rust resistant.

When exposed to wet or rusty environments, RFID nail tags do not rust or record reduced productivity levels. This is of great benefit to users who deploy RFID nail tags in outdoor environments.

What are the uses of RFID nail tags?

The value of RFID nail tags in managing wooden and primarily non-metallic items is tremendous. From providing instant data to supplementing manual oversight, RFID nail tags will be a welcome addition to your business.

Here's how to integrate RFID nail tags into your entity: Track logistics and inventory management.

RFID nail tags can help track and record information about the location, quantity and condition of key non-metallic resources within your organization. Integrating RFID technology into your inventory system will allow you to keep your inventory accurate and precise.

Identification and tree monitoring.

RFID nail tags installed on certain trees for various reasons, such as scientific research, provide important data, such as the age and productivity of the tree.

Track key wood assets.

You can attach RFID nail tags to containers carrying valuable wooden items to provide real-time updates on the geographic location of the shipment. In addition, you can attach tags to wooden appliances in the workplace to minimize theft.

What are the advantages of using RFID nail tags?

The benefits of RFID technology in various industries are obvious. Likewise, installing RFID nail tags in tree identification, construction and wood asset management in your business will bring many rewards. The following are some of the basic payoffs that result from installing RFID nail tags.

Accurate and timely record keeping. Instant collection of tracking data. Reduced need for manual oversight. Fast and error-proof tree identification. Better asset management.

What are RFID nail tags?

DO RFID TAG manufacturer is innovative and combines professional knowledge and excellent production equipment to manufacture high quality RFID nail tags.

Our RFID nail tags consist of an electronic chip inside which has enough storage capacity to last for 10 years.

To maximize the protection of the chip and internal components of our RFID nail tags, we use a rugged ABS material coated with a special adhesive. This housing equips your RFID nail tag with a rugged case that is waterproof, dustproof, and subject to extreme temperatures.

How do RFID nail tags work?

RFID nail tags work in conjunction with RFID readers or scanners. For RFID nail tags with passive RFID chips, they are activated by the power transmitted by the RFID reader in the form of radio waves. The RFID nail tags are then able to transmit digital data. Information about the corresponding wooden appliances is sent to the RFID reader, which transmits the data to the back office of the data center for analysis and interpretation.

How do I choose the best RFID nail tag?

The adoption of new technologies may result in significant productivity gains for your business, or in slight cost savings. Therefore, it is important to choose the best RFID nail tag for your organization. RFID nail tags vary in composition, functionality, and applicability. You should consider the following factors when selecting the ideal RFID nail tag type.

Reading distance. Storage capacity.

The quality of the ABS material used.

The type of chip used.

Compatibility with RFID readers.

Application environment, whether it is heat or water resistant

What is the average read range of an RFID NailTag?

The read range of an RFID Nail Tag is the distance between the RFID Nail Tag and its compatible RFID reader. Different RFID Nail Tags have different read ranges. There are some items with RFID nail tags that can be read up to 5 meters away, making it easy to track items from a distance. There are some with very close read distances, probably only a few centimeters.

Do you offer RFID nail tag installation services?

RFID nail tags are very easy to install and you do not need an expert to install the tags for you. In our user manual, we fully guide you through all the steps of installing RFID nail tags. You can also contact us if you are having trouble trying to install RFID nail tags.

What is the storage capacity of RFID nail tags?

RFID nail tags have different storage capacities for the RFID chip inside. The RFID nail tag capacity should be selected based on the purpose of the tag.

The RFID chip inside the RFID nail tag has a data storage capacity of 1 to 256 KB. These options are sufficient for most RFID nail tag applications and can last up to 10 years without running out.

What is the lifetime of an RFID nail tag?

RFID nail tags are extremely durable, rugged, rust-free and impervious to water, they can operate in harsh environmental climates for up to ten years, and the RFID chip can be rewritten 100,000 times.

These features are essential for RFID nail tag users, so customers don't have to reorder RFID nail tags as often or incur repair and maintenance costs.

Do you manufacture RFID readers for RFID Nail Tags?

DO RFID tag manufacturer (www.dorfidtag.com) is a professional tag provider and DO RFID reader manufacturer (www.dorfidreader.com) is a leading rfid reader manufacturer. DO RFID Group has achieved millions of dollars in sales locally and globally. We stock a variety of RFID readers that can read different RFID nail tags

efficiently and on time.

Our RFID readers have different ranges of capabilities from low frequency to UHF. This variation provides our customers with a variety of options from which they can select a quality RFID reader that perfectly matches their respective RFID nail tags.

We also provide user training and deliver our RFID nail tags to your doorstep at a great price.

What is the price of RFID nail tags?

The price of RFID nail tags varies depending on the material used, personalization, and prevailing market conditions.

Customization can also result in additional production costs that can add to the price of RFID nail tags. However, DO RFID TAG manufacturer has a customer-conscious pricing strategy to ensure that our prices are within the customer's range of acceptance. DO RFID TAG manufacturer's RFID nail tags are offered at competitive prices to both local and international customers.

Do you customize RFID nail tags?

Our RFID nail tags are personalized in size, shape, color and functional features to meet the diverse needs of our different customers. You can put forward your requirements and our technicians will fulfill your wishes as much as possible.

We can also customize RFID nail tags to meet special applications such as long distance frequency


Where can I buy the best RFID nail tags?

All buyers are looking for good quality RFID nail tags at the right price, and DO RFID TAG manufacturer has just the right solution for that. We have state-of-the-art production machinery and technicians who have unmatched expertise to handle the production of our RFID nail tags.

In addition, you can easily order RFID nail tags in a few simple steps by visiting our website from the comfort of your home or office. We will work with you to design, manufacture and deliver flawless RFID nail tags at an affordable price.

What chip options are available for RFID NAIL TAGs?

Our RFID nail tags are equipped with two main types of RFID electronic chips, active or passive RFID chips. Our active RFID chips contain a power source inside which helps transmit radio waves to and from the RFID reader within a certain range.

Passive RFID nail tags, on the other hand, are limited in their operational range due to the lack of internal energy source. They rely on the RFID reader for power and transmit information by electromagnetic waves. Contact or close proximity is the key to activating passive RFID nail tags.

How long is the production cycle for RFID NailTags?

Prior to starting production of your RFID nail tag order, we will provide you with samples and design sketches to guide your decision. Once you have verified the design sketches and quantities, production will begin immediately.

To optimize production time, we have state-of-the-art production technology that supports

Simultaneous production of large quantities of RFID nail tags. This allows us to process even large orders with an average production cycle time of 1 to 2 days.

Can I reuse my RFID nail tags?

Yes. RFID nail tags can be safely removed from a wooden asset and easily attached to another item after the set target has been met. Thanks to their ample storage space and rugged appearance, RFID nail tags can last for years without reducing productivity levels.

As a result, you can save hundreds of dollars in support and care costs. RFID nail tags installed in indoor applications last longer and can be used interchangeably because they operate in friendly conditions. The quality is also irrefutable, considering the environmental protection gained through reuse.

How do I order RFID nail tags from DO RFID?

To place your RFID nail tag order at DO RFID tag manufacturer, you just need to visit our website, select the right RFID nail tag, fill in your requirements and send an email, and we reply immediately within 1-2 hours. All you need to do to place an order is a computer or smartphone and a good internet connection to place your order on DO RFID.

Do you offer shipping services for RFID Nail Tag Orders?

Where applicable, we offer home delivery for our RFID nail tag customers. We charge shipping costs based on the distance and the shipping method used. Over time, we have developed relationships with reputable shipping service providers, which is an important step in ensuring the safe and timely delivery of your RFID nail tags.

These shipping service providers include

DHL Express


What do I do if my RFID nail tag order is delivered damaged?

If you have received an item that is partially or completely damaged, please email or call us proactively.

To make it easier and faster to resolve the issue, please detail the number, nature and extent of the damaged RFID nail tags. This is a very rare occurrence, but DO RFID is ready to help.

Do you offer any after-sales service?

Yes, we do. To ensure that your use of our RFID nail tags is smooth and enjoyable, we offer the following after-sales services.


All of our RFID nail tags come with a one-year warranty, during which you can check and familiarize yourself with our products. DO RFID will resolve any defects regarding the product during this period at no

any additional cost to you.

Customs clearance assistance.

This applies primarily to our overseas customers. DO RFID provides assistance with customs clearance for RFID nail tags by working with the appropriate authorities.

Home Delivery.

We will deliver your RFID nail tag order to your doorstep safely and on time.

What are the payment terms and methods for RFID nail tags?

DO RFID allows you to make a 50% down payment on your RFID nail tag order upon placing the order and clear the entire amount after the order has been processed. This policy is inspired by our drive to continually maintain customer satisfaction.

In addition, we allow our customers to use their preferred payment method as long as they are globally recognized and trusted. Feel free to choose the payment method you find most convenient from our library of verified payment methods.

Online payment: Credit and debit card payments.

Cash payment: This applies mainly to local customers.

How do I check for RFID nail tags?

DO RFID understands the value of effective communication that builds trust and lasting relationships with our customers. Therefore, we provide our customer base with various channels to make inquiries, provide feedback and voice their grievances.

Is it cheaper to buy RFID TAGs in bulk?

Our prices are always customer friendly, regardless of how many RFID nail tags are included in an order. However, as with most wholesale and retail businesses, there are discounts associated with purchasing RFID nail tags in bulk.

The discounts offered on bulk orders are constantly changing due to corresponding changes in production and market conditions. One of the drivers of bulk purchase discounts is the economic use of multiple factors of production such as labor and time.

Can I withdraw my RFID nail tag order?

DO RFID does not want to see you cancel your order because our priority is to provide high quality RFID nail tags for your application. In some cases, you may initiate an order cancellation, as it is your right to do so. Before we begin production of your order, you may notify us of your intention to withdraw your order and we will refund any payments made.

However, if you initiate the withdrawal process midway through the production of RFID nail tags, you will not be able to receive a refund for your order. This is complicated by the fact that production materials have already been purchased and partially put into use. So please be careful to confirm your order before you do so.

What should I do if my RFID nail tag fails?

If you are experiencing problems with your RFID nail tag, please quickly contact our DO RFID customer support team through the channels provided on our website. Once we understand the nature, scope and severity of the malfunction, we will take the ideal post-sales measures.

Do you offer samples of RFID nail tags?

Yes. We RFID nail tag samples so that they are readily available to our customers

These samples include different color arrangements, artwork prints, and information to be affixed to the RFID nail tags.

By studying our RFID nail tag samples, you will gain a better understanding of the different chip types we use and the right way to deploy them for maximum benefit.

What is the average shipping lead time for RFID NailTag orders?

To ship your RFID nail tag order, we use the most competitive courier service providers. Once

production and packaging is complete, it will take 1 to 5 days to deliver your RFID nail tag order. The duration depends largely on geographic location, shipment method and customs clearance.

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