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In 3 Easy Steps, You Can Make Your Own Amiibo Card

If you enjoy Nintendo games, learning how to make your own Amiibo card is essential. Many Amiibo cards are difficult to come by. They are either sold out or prohibitively expensive!


If you've had similar frustrations, this article is for you. We'll provide a step-by-step guide to help you enjoy your favorite Nintendo games without difficulty.


What Exactly Is An Amiibo Card?

Amiibo is a toy-to-life platform created by Nintendo in 2014. It connects figurines to Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, or Nintendo Switch video games via wireless communication.


It works by bringing toys to life and allowing them to interact with other video game elements. The Amiibo toys communicate with the video game software via Near Field Communication (NFC).


You can use this wireless technique to transfer data between video games and other platforms. This one-of-a-kind feature allows you to use NFC-enabled Amiibo cards to play games on the Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and Wii U.


Everything You'll Need to Make Your Own Amiibo Card

If you want to make an Amiibo card that can be used with the 3DS, Wii U, or Switch, you must meet the following requirements:


Compatibility with NFC

If you want to successfully create Amiibo cards, you must have an Android phone that is NFC-enabled.


While you can purchase an NFC reader/writer for your PC, the process can be complicated. As a result, we advise you to use your smartphone.


If you're wondering how to make an Amiibo card with an iPhone, you're in luck. You can use your device in conjunction with apps like Placcibo or CattleGrid.



To make an Amiibo card, you must first purchase an NFC NTAG215 tag/sticker ((IMPORTANT: ONLY NTAG215 works!!! NATG213, 216, and other widely used stickers DO NOT WORK.)


There is, however, a catch in this critical step:


Not all NFC tags work with Nintendo game consoles. As a result, you should exercise caution when purchasing an NFC tag for amiibos.


Only purchase Ntag215 stickers. This is critical, and you should not disregard it! All other stickers are a waste of money and will not work.


TagMo Software

After confirming that your Android device is NFC-compatible, go to any reputable website and free download TagMo App and file (the application is not available at Google Play Store).


.bin Files for Amiibo

Unfixed-info.bin and locked-secret.bin files are required after installing the TagMo app. You'll need an Amiibo tag to extract the files and use them to create fake cards.


Step-by-Step Instructions for Making an Amiibo Card

Now that you know what you need to make your amiibo card from scratch, follow this step-by-step guide to do it flawlessly.


1.Obtain the TagMo application.


As previously stated, this application is not available in the Google Play Store. As a result, you must obtain it from other sources. Make sure that downloads from unknown sources are enabled (settings>security>unknown sources>enable). Failure to enable this feature will result in an installation failure, and you will be unable to continue.


2.Obtain Amiibo.bin Files


If you want to know how to get Amiibo.bin files, just follow these simple steps:


Launch the TagMo App. Make sure you follow all of the prompts to enable NFC.

To access the settings, navigate the app. Select "IMPORT FILE." Select the "unfixed-info.bin" and "locked-secret.bin" files from the download folder.

Clicking on each of these files, one at a time, will download them into your TagMo app.

Place an Amiibo on the back of your phone and press "scan tag."

Your phone's screen will display an image of the Amiibo. If it displays "your phone does not have NFC capabilities, you cannot use this device to get the bin file," press SAVE TAG.

You can do this with as many Amiibos as you want. You will have access to your favorite Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and Wii U games this way. If your Amiibo is rare or has yet to be released, upload its.bin files to NFCBank and Sub.


3.Start the TagMo App.


The most important step in creating your amiibo card is to launch the TagMo App. To accomplish this, you should strictly adhere to the following guidelines:


Launch the TagMo App and tap the three dots in the upper right corner (this will open a dropdown menu for several options)

Select either "Import Keys" or "Load Keys." This will display a list of files on your phone from which you can select the one you require.

Choose the files "unfixed-info.bin" and "locked-secret.bin." You can find these files on your Android phone by using file explorer. However, you should be able to find them quickly in your "downloads section."

Proceed to the NFC bank and select the amiibo file to be copied. Choose animal crossing amiibo, for example, if that's the game you're working on.

When you choose your file, you will see several amiibo links.

Choose the link to be written on your Ntag215 NFC tag.

Just beneath the link, click "Download All Files."

In your TagMo application, select the "Load Tag" option. Choose your amiibo files and then click the "Write Tag" button.

When you finish this process, your NFC tag will have information similar to the original amiibo card. It will allow you to enjoy your game without breaking the bank!


It should be noted, however, that these NFC tags are not rewritable. As a result, you must exercise caution when copying your files. If you copy the wrong files, you will have no choice but to purchase a new NFC tag, which can be expensive.

Amiibo Card Types You Can Create With Your Android Phone

As long as you have the.bin file for the amiibo card, you can make it. You can make any amiibo you want, whether it's an animal crossing amiibo card, a link's awakening amiibo, or a joker amiibo.


As a result, the type of amiibo card you create will be entirely determined by your interests. Here is a list of the top ten most popular Nintendo amiibo cards to consider:


Isabelle amiibo cards from Animal Crossing

Link's Awakening amiibo cards

amiibo Joker cards

amiibo cards for Breath of the Wild

Wolf Link amiibo figures

amiibo cards for Shovel Knight

Dark Samus amiibo cards for Super Smash Bros.

The Fire Emblem amiibo cards from Three Houses

Amiibo cards for Splatoon 2

Cards for the Super Smash Bros. amiibo -King K Rool

While these amiibo cards are popular, you should never limit your options. You are free to create and experiment with other amiibo cards to satisfy your gaming needs.


Making Your Own Amiibo Cards Is Legal

It goes without saying that making amiibo cards is illegal. Because you're using amiibo data to create an unlicensed copy of the card, it's considered piracy. If you've used a CD/DVD to burn content, you have the best example of what it's like to make an amiibo card.


Nintendo has made it extremely difficult for gamers to obtain genuine amiibo cards. These cards are scarce, and obtaining them may necessitate a significant financial investment. As a result, gamers have used this inventive method to create fake amiibo cards.


The scarcity of the cards, however, does not make it legal to make them. But wouldn't life be boring if we didn't take risks and try new things?


In conclusion

If you've ever wondered how to make amiibo cards for your favorite games, this article has a comprehensive answer for you.


If you follow all of the steps outlined here, you will be able to create a fake amiibo to use with any Nintendo Switch, 3DS, or Wii U game console.


Amiibo Card Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to be barred from using Nintendo if you use fake amiibo cards?


No, Nintendo has no criteria for determining who is using a forged amiibo card. As a result, you will never be denied access to Nintendo products.


Which amiibo are the most scarce/rare?


The majority of the amiibo cards are difficult to obtain. Little Mac, Villager, Lucario, Gold Mario, Meta Knight, Wii Fit Trainer, Marth, Pit, Shulk, and Rosalina are among the rarest amiibo cards.


Can I use my iPhone to create amiibo cards?


Yes, you can create amiibo cards on iOS devices. NFC cards, however, can only be read by devices manufactured after the iPhone 7. You will also need other applications, such as CattleGrid, to finish the amiibo card creation process.

Can I use my Android phone to make an amiibo card?


Yes, any Android device that can read an NFC card can be used to create an amiibo card. It should be noted that not all Android devices support NFC. After confirming compatibility, you should complete the process by following the steps outlined in this article.

Can I make multiple amiibo cards with a single NFC tag?


No, a single NFC tag will only save data for a single game. As a result, if you're making a lot of amiibo cards, you'll need a lot of NFC cards.

how to make your own amiibo cards without nfc tags ?

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