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RFID Laundry Tracking

Do you keep up with the commercial laundry industry's trends? If you keep up with the latest news, you will notice that RFID technology is one of the hottest topics right now.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking has been around for a long time. You may not have realized its full potential, however. This technology is now used by many commercial businesses.


It assists laundry companies in tracking inventory and ensuring work precision. Continue reading to find out how the RFID Laundry Tag can benefit your company.

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What Exactly Is An RFID Laundry Tag?

Before we go any further, let us define an RFID Laundry Tag. It is a soft and flexible passive RFID tag. It is used by laundry services to track garments while they are being washed and dried. It is typically attached to clothing. It can withstand multiple laundry cycles as well as heat. A typical RFID laundry tag can withstand 200 cycles and 60 bars of pressure.


The RFID Laundry tag is flexible but strong. It is not easily worn out and serves a specific purpose, which is to track garments. It can be incorporated into large linens, blankets, comforters, rugs, and even carpets. This allows you to keep track of and process control over the items.


Who Is the RFID Laundry Tag Intended For?

RFID laundry tags can benefit a wide range of businesses. The hospitality industry manages a large amount of laundry. These include hotels, spas, and resorts that must spend a significant amount of time tracking large amounts of laundry. Aside from hard labor and operational costs, businesses may also face loss and theft. However, you cannot afford this type of scenario because it will increase your business expenses.


RFID technology would be beneficial if you work in one of these industries. This technology assists both small and large businesses in tracking their laundry. It provides an automated laundry tracking system that accurately records laundry. When RFID is implemented, you will eventually overcome business issues. Theft, loss, and poor performance are examples of these. Furthermore, it simplifies the laundry process. RFID is essential, especially if you have a large amount of laundry.


RFID Laundry Tag Benefits

Are you curious about what RFID laundry tags can do for your business? Here are some of the advantages of this intriguing technology.


RFID Linen Tracking Has the Potential to Reduce Laundry Costs

Many people believe that RFID technology can lower the cost of a distribution center. It would be beneficial if you ran a commercial laundry. RFID on your linen allows you to track items more quickly. Inventory check-ins, inventory counts, and packing times can all be reduced. This technology can also perform verification. You save more than just the time spent on the processes. However, you save money by not having to hire someone to do these tasks. It reduces manpower and helps you save money on resources.


RFID Technology Outperforms Barcode Labels

RFID laundry tags last longer than traditional barcode labels. Barcode labels have a tendency to fade and fall off. It is unable to withstand repeated washing and pressure. Barcodes can also be damaged by sunlight and harsh detergent. RFID tags, on the other hand, are more durable. They are weatherproof and have features that can withstand sterilization cycles.


Furthermore, RFID laundry tags can store more data than traditional barcode systems. The latter can only store a serial number, whereas RFID laundry tags can store additional information. Data can be accessed from remote locations without having to connect to the back-end database.


It allows for quicker textile identification and control.

Textiles no longer need to be manually monitored. RFID makes it much easier to sort through infinite stacks of linen. Each piece can be identified by a unique tag. It allows you to track laundry more efficiently. You will be able to tell which item belongs to which client using this technology. You will also be aware of the cleaning procedure that is required. You will also be notified when the cleaning process is finished.


RFID tags can be attached to each laundry item. The RFID reader will then transmit signals to read the tag. The reader automatically enters data into the software after reading the tag. The latter transforms the data into information that can be viewed on a computer system.


RFID is a useful technology. It processes data to your screen in seconds, as opposed to manual sorting. It eliminates the need to spend hours organizing things in your business.


It gives you more control over your inventory.

RFID allows operators to ensure that stocks are always kept in good condition. Errors are common in manual processing. RFID technology, on the other hand, allows you to identify and track linens in minutes. It guards against loss and theft. It ensures employee and client accountability.


Having stolen items indicates a performance problem. It implies a low inventory count and may result in delays. Customers place a high value on trust when using a laundry service. You don't want your customers to be concerned about the whereabouts of their belongings. This is especially true given that the majority of them can be quite pricey. RFID laundry tags do more than just improve item inventory and tracking. It ensures a highly efficient process that will entice customers to return.


It Makes Your Workflow Easier

Another benefit of RFID technology is that it streamlines your workflow. Your laundry attendants will appear to be more organized. It increases efficiency by combining technology with your skills. Because it is automatic, you can use it to track which laundry needs to be washed and which needs to be sent out.


It allows you to keep track of the wash counts.

Some linen needs a certain number of high-powered wash cycles before it wears out. Some linens can withstand pressure, while others can't. So, how do you know if you're washing a specific type of linen correctly? This is where RFID technology comes into play.


Attach it to the textile to identify which garments require multiple washing cycles. RFID technology will be used to estimate and identify the end-of-life date. It allows you to keep track of everything that happens with everything you wash.


You can plan when to replace it using this information. Alternatively, you can inform your customer of the situation and, if necessary, present data.


It assists you in validating pick-up and delivery.

RFID aids in the establishment of a pick-up and delivery verification system. Aside from making your life easier, it assures your customers that their items are safe. You can use technology to track which items have been picked up and dispatched on time. Tracking and monitoring are simple. Furthermore, it is very simple to install and integrate into your laundry business.


It provides useful customer information.

Companies that rent textiles or apparel can learn about the distinct characteristics of each fabric. When you sew RFID tags onto rented items, you can record information such as the rent date, previous rental, and rental duration.


After that, scan the item with a device. The information you just entered will then be displayed on your computer. You will be able to see the item's history and share information with the customer as needed. This will also assist customers in making more informed decisions. You can also share important customer preferences for customer satisfaction.


It eliminates tracking mistakes.

The best advantage of RFID laundry tags is that they eliminate errors. Errors account for at least 20% of all business expenses. You cannot afford to lose even a single penny in these difficult times. It is offset against your capital, and you will later realize that you do not have enough contingency funds to cover it.


RFID allows you to avoid common laundry mistakes. This includes inventory mix-ups, repeated cleaning, damaged items, and misdelivery. It saves you from having to spend hours doing laundry.


Because RFID technology allows you to automate tasks, it simplifies the entire process. It is extremely efficient and dependable.


It enhances customer relations.

Customers adore knowledge. Giving your customers what they require is one way to take care of them. You can increase transparency in your business by using RFID laundry tags.


You can implement live reporting capability using this technology. It facilitates communication and coordination with your clients. It explains how you handle laundry to them. This data can include things like wash cycles, inventory levels, receipts, and billings.


With this information, you can make better decisions when people approach you for laundry. The best part is that it can automatically update data. You can edit and save data with a single click of the mouse.


Your most important takeaway!

RFID technology makes use of automation. It does more than just improve service. It can assist any commercial laundry business in improving its operations. You can now enjoy high-tech laundry tracking management by incorporating the right system into your facility. RFID tracking can help you take your service to the next level. Your laundry service will no longer be the same.

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