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RFID windshield labels

RFID Frequency
RFID Standard

DO RFID tag manufacturer produced a variety of RFID windshield labels with varying levels of security. This passive RFID sticker, designed to fit on automobile windshields, operates as an automatic identification system for vehicles passing through fixed overhead gates or boom-operated access control points at toll booths and parking lots.

Our RFID windshield sticker makes it possible to use Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI), which helps to avoid fraud and improves Intelligent Transportation Systems. The label can be used as a secure payment device for Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), Automatic Fuel Dispensing, and other paid access applications by using the secure encrypted windshield tag.

Our fully customizable RFID windshield sticker can be printed on both sides with instructions, barcodes, logos, and serialization; frangible materials, destructible antennas and slits, and cuts are all available.

RFID windshield labels Features

Branding tool

Automatic payment

High quality printing

UV protected

Optional tamper evident


Products name

UHF Windshield RFID tag

Dimension (standard)

100*25mm 96*22mm or custom size

Frequency range



EPC Class1 Gen2v2/ISO 18000-63, ISO/IEC 29167-10




EPC 96bits  TIB 64 bits, user 512 bits


100000 times

Read range


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