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RFID access control system design points

RFID access control system design points

RFID access control system design points

2017-04-24 09:57:06

Types of access card

In the system, according to the authority of the different, we can open the door card is roughly divided into 3 categories, they are time cards, work group cards, privilege cards.

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Time card: as the name suggests, can be set for each day of the week to set the time for the convenience of the user sometimes into the management of personnel;

Working group card: set the working day and non working day, mainly for the enterprise staff working day and out of the management.

Privilege card: it is not restricted by time and level, and can be used at any time.

Access control lock selection

Door lock is an important component of RFID access management system, is the direct execution of equipment management personnel, the lock selection affects the overall stability of the access control system. If you ignore the importance of the lock, also may lead to project failure.

At present, more mature market access lock is divided into: magnetic locks, electric plug locks, lock the cathode three.

Electric lock more applied to the glass door, glass door frame or according to the need to cooperate with frameless door clip installation accessories used in access control system failure and other special circumstances can disconnect the power to open the door, open the door and meet the requirements of fire fighting power. Some electric plug locks with delay control and magnetic detection function, delay control function of the door closed after a certain time delay and atresia, for spring performance is not too good to lock on the glass door lock is not easy, can be improved by adjusting the delay time of the electric plug lock lock.

The cathode lock is generally used for a single wooden door, installed in the side door and ball lock, handle lock, mechanical lock with the use of access through credit card or use a mechanical lock key can open the door, for general safety requirements of the room door.

Magnetic locks are more used in fire doors, wooden doors for a long time is not easy to occur in the case of performance degradation, but the safety of the magnetic lock is not as good as the electric lock, in the role of a large force can not guarantee the state of locking. Retention in 2000N ~ 4000N magnetic lock is more common, also applies to most places, part of the brand has more than 5000N high magnetic bearing lock, suitable for higher requirements for access control security, and is not suitable for the installation of other types of lock site selection.

RFID access control system hardware design needs to pay attention to the problem

1, frequency matching problem

RFID access control system has two LC circuit that is the reader coil and the connection of the LC circuit composed of capacitors and electronic tag coil and link capacitance composed of LC circuit. In a single coil system, two LC circuits are required to be tuned at the same resonant frequency. If the resonant frequency of the reader and the tag does not match, the zero modulation will occur, thus reducing the performance of the system.

2, optimize the coupling factor

The coupling factor is the coupling between the electromagnetic field generated by the reader and the coil of the electronic tag, and the coupling of the silver depends on the structural parameters of the system, such as the coil diameter, the distance and the direction of the coil. Optimizing the coupling of silver to the energy transfer channel and signal transmission channel.

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