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What is NTAG215 NFC tag

Recently, many people interested in the NTAG215 chip NFC tag due to its use in products such as Nintendo’s Amiibo figurines. The NTAG215 NFC tag is a fairly uncommon tag from consumer retailers before, but what benefit features let it use more popular in business solutions, let us know more about the NTAG215 NFC tags and others :

What is NFC?

NFC (near field communication) is a wireless technology which allows for the transfer of data such as text or numbers between two NFC enabled devices. NFC tags, for example, NFC stickers, contain small microchips with little antennas which can store a small amount of information for transfer to another NFC device, such as a mobile phone.


What is the NTAG ?

NTAG NFC tag series is a line of Type 2 NFC tags produced by NXP semiconductors designed explicitly to be used for storing NDEF messages. As such, they come from the factory already formatted for NDEF, have improved efficiency for better message reading, and are available with more memory than traditional Type 2 tags. The current second-generation NTAGs also have anti-tampering features, one way counters, and several other advanced capabilities previously only found in more advanced type 3 and type 4 tags.

What is NTAG215 NFC TAG

The NTAG215 chip was launched in 2013 alongside the NTAG213, NTAG210 and NTAG216. It's a full featured chip with a medium size memory capacity. The NTAG21x series chips included a number of enhancements over the NTAG203, including a 32-bit password and ASCII UID mirror. There were also a number of technical changes including a thinner 75µm chip format and an increase in expected data retention to 10 years. Importantly, NXP also added an originality signature feature which helped detect counterfeit NTAG series chips.
In short, if you are in the market for a high memory chip, you might want to look at the NTAG216 or iCode SLIX 2 NFC tag instead.

What is memory of NTAG215 NFC TAG

The specific models of second-generation NTAGs generally follow naming schemes where they are designated using the “NTAG21X” pattern, where X refers to a specific memory capacity of NTAG. Currently, in addition to a few specialized variants, the second-generation NTAG21X family consists of the NTAG210, 212, 213, 215, and 216 with 48, 128, 144, 504, and 888 bytes of user memory, respectively.
Users choose the NTAG NFC tag depend on what information will you encode.


NTAG 215 NFC tag VS NTAG216 NFC tag

The NTAG215 is very common, now the NTAG215 is available in small quantities for the general consumer. The cost difference between the NTAG216’s silicon chip and the NTAG215’s is actually a matter of a few pennies at scale despite the 216 offering approximately 25% more memory than the 215.

While the price difference is very small, if you are a business ordering a million tags, just a two cent savings per tag adds up to an overall savings of twenty thousand dollars. Additionally, in most business applications you have a strong understanding of what you are going to be encode your NFC tags and whether or not the additional 384 bytes a 216 offers will offer any extra utility. As a result of these factors, the NTAG215 is a quite strong candidate for large-scale business applications such as the Amiibo where you desire a fair amount of memory while making unit costs as low as possible.

On the other hand, if you are a tag retailer selling to consumers, you have no idea what data people are going to want to put on the tags, so having the largest memory capacity available at a given price point makes sense. Due to the very minor chip price difference, it often doesn’t make sense to incur the cost of stocking both of the high-capcity types of NTAGs when most consumers would rather just pay the few cents more per tag and get the extra memory a 216 offers. As a result, most consumer NFC retailers completely skip over the NTAG215 and only offer the NTAG216.


What are NFC tags used for ?

Generally, you can use NFC tag in four areas – asset management, marketing, information access and personal use.
For personal use, you can use NFC tag to control your phone. For example, switching on an alarm or similar. To be realistic, there are other ways to control your phone which are probably more useful than using NFC tag.

Apple has now enabled NFC on the iPhone. NFC tags used for Marketing get popular. There are an increasing number of NFC projects being launched. NFC tags provide a way to connect a physical object to a virtual online world. For marketing, it enables brands to provide their users with a quick way to find out more about products and increase brand engagement.

NFC tag use for Information Access as Asset Management, it is the ability to use an NFC tag embedded within a product or packaging to allow a user to gain more information. For example, an NFC tag might be embedded into a product to allow the user to gain access (via the internet) to the latest user manual.
Asset management is a broad area and covers a number of use cases. This is probably the largest use area at the moment and with NFC tags being deployed everywhere from healthcare (where the person is the asset!) to counterfeit prevention systems.


How can I buy NFC tags ?

If you are new to the RFID or NFC technology then buying NFC tags for your project might seem a little confusing. DO RFID TAG manufacturer have a wealth of experience and can help you get your project started.

The NFC products including:

NTAG215 NFC tags: depend on the different application, there are many NFC tags for choosing, for example, this NFC tag use for outdoor, water-proof, anti-metal application.

NFC stickers: It is common NFC tag with paper/pvc material and RFID antenna/chip, and adhesive on back side. Ferrite layer for anti-metal project if need.

NFC cards: NFC business card usually use for name card to share contact information. It is same size as Credit card .

NFC reader writer : Most mobile phones with NFC enable, but we developed the mini NFC reader writer if your mobile phone without NFC

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