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Why Use RFID Laundry Tags

Why Use RFID Laundry Tags ?


Fast transmission rate, anti-collision, mass scanning, low pricing, and so on are only a few of the benefits of passive UHF RFID Laundry TAG.

Hotels, amusement parks, major companies, and hospitals, for example, currently have a large number of uniforms that must be processed every morning.

Employees must check in for their uniforms in the clothing room, just as they must check in for purchasing at a supermarket, and then check in again while leaving work.

There can be dozens of people in line at any given time, and each transaction takes a few minutes. Furthermore, the present uniform management system is based on human registration, which is not only inefficient but also leads to errors and losses.

Every day, the uniforms must be delivered to the wash. The dirty uniforms will be handed up to the laundry service. The clean uniforms will be returned by the laundry, and both parties will inspect the kind, number, and signature.

One hour of hand-over time is required for every 300 uniforms each day, and the laundry quality cannot be checked during the hand-over. There is no method to discuss how to improve washing quality in order to extend uniform life and properly manage inventories.

The quantity of clothing handover inventory work is a very challenging assignment, especially as people's awareness of illness prevention and treatment grows.

RFID tags for clothing solutions. 

Employees in luxury hotels, hospitals, and other institutions with stringent cleanliness requirements are expected to change their work clothes on a frequent basis. If not, they must be persuaded. However, the existing manual management mode is no longer capable of monitoring.

In addition, the use of uniforms to conduct crimes is on the rise. The question of how to keep the unit's uniforms from being exploited by those with ill intentions has become a major concern.

We've created many rfid tags in clothing  that are waterproof, heat-resistant, pressure-resistant, and alkali-resistant as a result of this.

RFID technology is being used to maintain uniforms. The reusable aspect of the UHF RFID laundry tag further improves its cost-effectiveness, resulting in a very low average cost per usage.

Many hotels, hospitals, and amusement parks across the world are already using RFID tags for clothes to keep track of their uniforms. It not only improves uniform management efficiency, but it also lowers human costs significantly.

rfid laundry management system tag.jpg

RFID laundry system 

RFID Laundry Tags: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Device for reading and writing: reader that complies with the EPC worldwide C1G2 standard.

The server is used to collect and process data in the background.

Laundry management software and database software are two examples of software.

The basic workflow of the RFID laundry system:

The management RFID laundry system can accomplish uniform recycling, logistics, and acceptance swiftly and precisely thanks to the waterproof RFID Laundry. It considerably improves the efficiency of uniform management.

The workers can check where the uniform is and how many times it has been washed with the machine washable RFID tags tracking management system. The RFID Laundry System can be set up ahead of time to determine when the uniform should be disposed of after multiple washes.

The uniform's status:

 1 initialization state.

2, You can specify the uniform status when you add a new uniform to the system. The uniform status should be set to "to be borrowed" in general.

3. The status should be "borrowed" after borrowing.

4, The status of an employee's uniform is changed to "to be washed" when they return it.

5. The uniform is taken to the laundry and the status is changed to "wash."

6, The uniform is returned to the laundry service, and the status is restored back to "to be borrowed."

7, If any portion of the uniform is found to be missing, the system will display “lost.”

8. If a uniform is found to be broken, the system changes the status of the uniform to "junk."

Before manual registration, there was a hotel that handed out uniforms to a few hundred staff every day for half an hour.

RFID laudnry tag can help you solve many problems 

The hotel introduced washable RFID laundry tags to manage the uniforms in order to boost productivity. Each uniform was tagged and the information was immediately uploaded to a server via a chip. When a set of uniforms is scanned through a scanner, the system can read the model, size, and color information of all the garments without having to scan the bar code one by one.

The hotel has also implemented a garment self-service system to boost productivity, thanks to the use of washable RFID tags for clothing management. Employees can simply go to the front of the equipment, swipe their staff card, and place several uniforms in front of an RFID reader to confirm.

The system will alert you if there is an unmatched size when compared to the staff card.

The RFID laundry tag is meant to be soft and compact, heat resistant, and washable from a technical standpoint. Laundry can be recycled 130 times with 50, 100, or even 200 things at a time.

laundry rfid tag technology 

The UHF RFID tag is currently widely utilized in clothing management, hotel uniform management, uniform leasing management, outfit leasing management, and other applications.

Because the interface of the UHF RFID tag for laundry follows the EPC worldwide C1G2 specification, it is extensively used as a global standard. As a result, most RFID readers can read it.

The reader can read hundreds of labels at once through the packaging, considerably increasing the efficiency of the job. A transition that used to take several hours has now been reduced to just a few minutes.

Can check each uniform's washing time and schedule a fair recycling scrap time. Do inventory and uniform life-cycle efficiency management, as well.

You can examine the department's uniform as well as the staff's details. This is beneficial for anti-theft and raises employee awareness of the importance of maintaining personal uniforms.

Faster, more accurate, and safer. Increase efficiency and cut down on errors.

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